Arduino Micro Keyboard

I’ve made some progress on my Arduino Micro-based USB key press/ string generator


I’ve added a few LEDs to show which BBS / array element is active. More importantly, I’ve also switched from the standard Arduino Keyboard library to the keyboard library that’s part of the HID Project 2.4. Among other things, this library supports USB boot protocol, which is apparently what you need to talk to the MIST FPGA.  This is why the device was being ignored before.  It wasn’t running in boot mode.

So now this is working properly, except, it looks like it’s uncovered a timing problem in the MIST in certain cores. Basically, this works perfectly in the Atari ST core, but not in the Amiga core or in any of the 8 bit cores.  In all cores but the ST, after a few characters, the MIST just receives garbage or drops characters (more like drops events) altogether. I’m not sure why yet, but at least, progress…

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