Floppy Days 66 – VCFMW 11 Live Event Diary

October 31, 2016 FloppyDays

Welcome to Episode 66 of the Floppy Days Podcast, where we try to relive our youth by talking about computers nearly as old as we are.  Vintage Computer Festival Midwest #11 recently happened on Sep. 10 and 11, 2016 in Elk Grove Village, IL and I managed to find my


ANTIC Interview 249 – Thom Graziano, CompuClub

October 31, 2016 ANTIC

Thom Graziano, CompuClub 

Thom Graziano was founder of CompuClub, an Atari mail-order company and retail store based in Massachusetts. The company began in 1983 and closed in 1986.

CompuClub ran full-page advertisements in the Atari magazines with the headline “The Greatest Atari of All Time.” For a $5 annual membership,


RC2016/10 — Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

October 30, 2016 John Linville

After several hours of wrapping wires, I completed the wiring of my COSMAC ELF replica. At that point, I flipped it over and stuffed the various parts into the sockets. The ICs installed without problems, while the discrete components required a little bending and trimming to fit into the sockets …

XEGS Cart by Cart Podcast

Review Episode 4

October 29, 2016 XEGS Cart by Cart Podcast

In our first interview episode, David sits down with homebrew creator, tep392 (AKA: Perry Thuente) to discuss his latest creation, Pac-Man Arcade. Hear how he was able to make such a spot on version of the classic arcade game and get some early insite into some of his upcoming …


ANTIC Interview 248 – Kris Meier, CompuTalk BBS sysop

October 29, 2016 ANTIC

Kris Meier, CompuTalk BBS sysop

Kris Meier was sysop of CompuTalk BBS, a popular six-line BBS based in Texas that ran off off six Atari 800 computers.  In this interview, I read from the article “CompuTalk: Texas-Sized BBS” by Gregg Pearlman, which ran in the August 1987 issue of Antic