My BBS call list


This BBS is probably the most active one I call, and also the one I’m the most active on.  Always tons of interesting discussions and the sysop (Icebreaker) is very active on it. I also see him around on a lot of the other BBS I call.


This BBS is very similar in appearance (from a PETSCII perspective at least) to Particles. It runs the same software and the menu layout is almost identical to Particles, again IN PETSCII.  One unique thing about it is that it has a COMPLETELY different feel if you call it using 40 column PETSCII than it does if you call using 80 column ANSI. You have to call it back to back both ways to see what I mean.  You won’t believe it’s the same BBS, bit it is!

Heatwave BBS (ANSI, TI / Geneve-sentric)

This BBS is the hangout for a lot of TI99/4a / Geneve enthusiasts. I get a lot of TI info from here.  It’s a lot of the same crowd that hang out in the TI99/4A subsection of the AtariAge forums.

Scorp’s Portal (PETSCII)

Based in Shanghi, China

Interesting unique PETSCII board, sometimes slow and occasionally hard to reach, but worth repeated tries.

YYZ BBS (ATASCII/ANSI, Atari centric)

This is a great one to call with a real Atari 8 bit or Syncterm in Atari mode. It’s located in Texas.

Level 29 (ANSI)

Chris Osborn’s (@Fozztexx on twitter) board. There’s not usually a lot of activity here, but it is sort of the Mesopotamia of modern BBSing for me. It all (re)started with this blog post, which led to Level 29. 

This is a multi-simultaneous-user BBS, but it’s pretty much strictly 80 column ANSI. There aren’t always a lot of posts, but a lot of people visit this board, and among other things, it has some interesting backlinks to twitter for posting BBS status in realtime to twitter, etc.


Dark Force BBS (ANSI, but Atari-centric)

This is an ANSI board that doesn’t seem to support ATASCII, but is still very Atari-centric.  I think it caters more to the ST line.


Cottonwood BBS (PETSCII)

Another interesting PETSCII  / Commodore BBS. This one is running different software (I think) than particles & Mad world, and it has a different layout and command structure.


Centronian BBS (PETSCII)

This is another PETSCII board. Very different layout than all of the others..enough so that I sometimes forget the commands to get around, but it’s still worth calling.

Guardian of Forever BBS

 This is a Synchronet BBS run by Josh Renaud (@kirkman on twitter)

This is a multi line ANSI board that looks pretty interesting..

There are a few other boards I’ve recently started calling, but I haven’t gotten enough of a feel for them yet to know if they’re going to be in the regular rotation. I have sort of a limited BBS time budget so when I pick some up t’s usually at the expense of others.

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