Need help SCSI2SD and Apple II High Speed SCSI card


I have a SCSI2SD card that I bought online and have used with a Macintosh LC III in the past. I am wanting to get mass storage on an Apple IIGS. According to the SCSI2SD website:

SCSI2SD v5 should work with the Apple IIGS if I have an Apple II High Speed SCSI card, which I do. I have read of people having success with this setup but who provide no details on how they got it working. So far I have no luck. My knowledge of the Apple IIGS is extremely limited so I could use some advice. Here is what I have tried:

I configured SCSI2SD to have a 30MB volume with SCSI ID 2.

I stuck the SCSI2SD in my LC III and initialized the disk and created the partition using Apple HD SC Setup.

I plugged the SCSI card into slot 2 of my Apple IIGS.

I opened up an external hard drive case and removed the old non-functioning hard drive and replaced it with the SCSI2SD. I connected this to my IIGS and powered on the drive case, the SCSI2SD light blinked, indicating it is powered on.

I booted up my IIGS using a Copy II Plus disk. I selected “Format,” chose “ProDos” and then it listed the disk slots. I pressed ‘?’ to get the volume information, and I couldn’t find my disk. I tried different “blank” slots and got a “write protected” error.

So it seems that either the Apple IIGS or the Copy II plus software is not recognizing my SCSI2SD. Could I be missing anything?

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