ANTIC Interview 273 – Bob Woolley, Atari 1200XL hardware hacker


Bob Woolley, Atari 1200XL hardware hacker

Bob Woolley has been upgrading and modifying Atari 8-bit computers — primarily the 1200XL — since it was released. His hardware products include video output improvements, keyboard repairs, built-in CompactFlash cards, a dual-ANTIC computer, and a parallel bus interface for the 1200XL. Bob was editor of Atari Classics magazine from approximately 1994-1997. He is still active in the San Leandro Computer Club and on the AtariAge forums.

This interview took place on March 14, 2017.

“I actually use the Atari as my computer. I couldn’t write any code on one of my PCs. Whereas if I’m going to write code, I do it on the Atari.”

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