Looking for apple2 game, turn based multiplier hotseat/single player, WW3 strategy game.


Hey guys, Signed up for reddit just to post here, looking for a game based on title. Here are a few more details

Was based on world war 3. Could play single player or multiplayer hotseat.

It was turn based and you could spend resources on tech, military, economy etc.

You could build lots of cool stuff like cruise missiles, subs, ABM systems, bombers, spy satellites, killer satellites to shoot down enemy satellites, and space based nuke bombers, and you could develop land based spy networks.

When you attacked there were graphical animations of your missles or bombers heading over to an outline of the country you were attacking.

IIRC in single player mode you could play North America, Africa or asia. While in multiplayer hotseat mode you could play many more single countries as opposed to continents.

There was a mode where you could add a more in depth economy I believe with trade between players and a free market. (I could be remembering this wrong)

I’ve been searching for this game for years. I used to think it was called World War 3 but the only game I can find with that title is 100% not what I’m looking for.

Any help with this would be awesome


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