Well, I got as far as I could with Dizzy and now need a game that’s easier on my old brain cells. Perhaps something which has me blowing stuff up – for no reason at all other than it being great fun!! Well, stop whatever it is you’re doing because here is the most fun and simplistic shoot ’em up I have ever enjoyed. Starburst is a shareware game by Chris Skellern which grants you this gratifying desire and pleasure to blowing stuff up. It has little in the way of an original storyline or challenging objectives to struggle through and is actually based on an original Sinclair QL game which is an oddity in itself. Pilot your spaceship through the caverns, destroying everything you see. Six power bases also need to be decimated before we can achieve the ultimate goal of killing the super brain. Oooooh!!

Use the joystick to control our ugly spaceship through each screen. It has the ability to fire in three directions which can be altered at any time using the numeric keypad. Unfortunately, you won’t see this in the gameplay animation, above, because my Mac doesn’t have a numeric keypad… I later found an old keyboard and made a quick video, which you can see here  >>

Aesthetically, this isn’t going to blow your mind, the graphics and sounds are basic but since when have they ever made a game great? I actually like the details of the buildings which I find quite charming, in an 8-bit way, and I’m personally reminded of Harrier Attack on my old ZX Spectrum. Chipmusic is superb with in-game sampled sound effects that aren’t all that bad considering.

Stop thinking. Destroy everything. This is superb fun! What more could you ever need? I highly recommend this humble yet brilliant shoot ’em up, especially for those of us who enjoy our games to go BOOM!!!


 – The awesome Stonish website has Starburst on this Menu CD : Serenade #37.
 – Beat my high score if you can and no cheating!

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