Aranym is a fantastic (and free) piece of software that enables us to create a powerful Atari computer capable of running our favourite GEM software – at lightning speeds. However, many find Aranym too fiddly to setup so a chap called Philippe Noble started some interesting projects, one being EaseAraMiNT. This is a ready-to-go installation based on EasyMint 1.18 and offers an incredible multitasking environment using the power of the host computer.

As you can see in my expertly recorded video, I am using an old Mac Mini which was recently given to me (thanks Mum!). I used SCP to transfer a file from my iMac onto my spanky new virtual Atari. Next, I opened a few pictures, a PDF, and then played some tunes. Finally, I finish off with a little Doom (of course) before browsing the web.

This system can be installed in minutes and comes stacked with a raft of Atari software with the potential to put your own stamp on an already excellent setup. Philippe has done an outstanding job and created a platform which is simply wonderful to work with and I highly recommend you should take EasyAraMiNT for a test drive!!


 1) Firstly grab yourself a copy of Aranym (which also links to alternative options like AFROS and Xa-My-AES)
 2) Now download EasyAraMint and – STOP – because it’s time to read the docs!
 3) Optionally, you can take a look at EasyAraMint’s config file and can edit to allow network access and other options, such as running fullscreen rather than windowed and lots more.
 4) Philipp’s other projects include a TOS 4.04 setup and the newest kid on the block – BeeKey!

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