Kid GP

This is the third Dave Munsie game to be featured here on AtariCrypt and one I’ve never even heard of until today. The idea is to frantically run around each screen avoiding the baddies and collecting all of the diamonds. It’s pretty much a mash of ideas from numerous games with our main character shamefully ripped from the island of rainbows. Originally aimed at the younger audience but I have found it incredibly fun so there’s hope for all of us!

Collecting diamonds may sound easy but we have a variety of whacky creatures zipping about the screens. Each one will love getting in your way with some looking to give a good chase. However, bump into one and a life is lost so it’s a good job we can use a hammer to smack these blighters and send ’em packing! The game rewards this vicious act with lots of bonus fruits before respawning them at the top of the screen. Magic mushroom power-ups are available for a range of cool effects that may give you a boost or alter your visibility. A bonus timer is counting down and, if you manage to finish with time remaining, then you can build up points by grabbing lots of the goodies.

Graphically, it’s pretty basic but there are also so many gorgeous sprites and the big-eyed blue faces will always make me smile – especially when I’ve clubbed them! Sound effects are okay but we really needed a background tune, which is a shame. The controls are perfect, always responsive, and I loved the ability to have two jumping options. However, I did find the hammer can be a little disappointing because it seems to work only when the baddies are on the same platform as yourself (I tried to show this in the animation, above). So hit them from a horizontal perspective or you might end up losing a life, which sucks. Interestingly, you can flip between 50/60Hz at any time and there are three game speeds, all of which can be chosen at any time by pressing the function keys.

Kid GP offers an exhilarating experience for such a humble 8bit-styled idea. Manically running around collecting diamonds whilst avoiding the silly nasties is surprisingly challenging and superb fun. Dave Munsie may have designed this for kids (my 7yr appreciates that) but it will certainly appeal to the BIG kid within us. Play this game!!
 – I recorded a video for y’all to enjoy. Annoyingly, I can get further than the video shows… sigh!
 – Kid GP can be found on various floppy disks :
          1) ST Review #09 – thanks to the amazing Atari ST Review Magazine ArchiveST Review Magazine Archive!
          2) Gravatics #92 Menu CD – thanks to the incredible Stonish website.
          3) Climatics had Kid GP v1.2(?) which you can download off my Dropbox.

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