Fuzion #185


Menu CDs are an integral part of Atari ST history and, whether you liked it or not, they form a large slice of the tasty ST pizza. So I figured AtariCrypt needed a section for these naughty boys and I should begin picking out disks which are awesome. So let’s kick it off with Fuzion #185, a disk which gave us a compacted copy of Ork, by Psygnosis.

I love this intro because it presents itself particularly well with lots of colour and an adaptation of one of the most memorable chiptunes ever created. It also makes use of the Atari STe hardware for even better results, but still happily works on either machine just fine. I personally think this is a superb menu disk to get things started 🙂


 – Stonish is the beST place on the planet with a massive menu disk archive!
 – Fuzion, and its members, are all catalogued on Demozoo.
 – I’m no fan of Psygnosis, but I love WJS Design who did a great job with Ork.

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