Apple //e Platinum European edition?

So it DOES excists! It’s not just an rumour..

I’ve had wondered about this for long time and not been able to find any details that Platinum version (last version of released in 1987) Apple //e was ever sold in Europe. I assumed it was, but in small quantities but looks like the history was even more interesting….

They actually made kind-of “hybrid” of Apple //e Enhanced and Platinum for the International markets using the old case that was platinum colored, but with new platinum board on it. It does then of cos lack the numeric keyboard. The logo was interesting, it was the old logo but it  also was changed to platinum colored. It does kind of look it was bleached.

Details of the differences:

board_ntsc_internationalBoard : is the same more simple, cost reduced, Platinum-model board, it says “International NTSC” in top.

board_largeThe Whole board looks like this, regular Platunum-board expect the AUX-slot in the middle as in PAL-boards it is located to.

euroCase : Older //e type case but in lighter color, lighter color badge, is marked as “65C02” next to the keyboard light (as in regular enhanced //e was marked “Enhanced” in English-speaking countries and “65C02” in non-english speaking countries).

Keyboard : Older style keyboard as in regular Apple //e, no numeric keypad as in Platinum //e

back_panelBackplate is lighter color as well to fit the platinum coloring scheme.

to regular American Apple //e platinum the difference is quite big.

I am quite skeptical if these were ever sold in Finland. I think not. However, i’ve seen one regular //e upgraded with platinum board  but the case was regular //e enhanced case. That unit however was used in graphics design productionline so it might just been fixed with new motherboard when the old one (regular //e 65C02) was broken and no replacement boards could be obtained in later part of the 1980’s (that’s my guess).

Wikipedia article states that these were sold in very small quantities in US/CAN-area with local keyboard layout and motherboard.

IF you have one, i am very interested adding one to my collection!

FinApple 2017

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