Granny’s Garden, 800kb Apple II

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Presented here is a new disk image for the Apple II version (famously BBC Micro) of Granny’s Garden.

From the title screen:

  • By Koala Software
  • Apple II Version by Michael Harvey
  • Story by Mike Matson
  • 4Mation Education Resources, Devon, UK
  • Published by Dataworks, Copyright 1991, All rights reserved

Basic lo-res graphics that might be interesting with a younger imagination, so I stopped playing shortly after capturing screenshots.

As far as I can tell this is a unique disk image and not available elsewhere.  I found an Australian article about the programming here:

Hardware capture: 800kb disk image on Floppy Emu in Apple II 3.5 mode, Smartport on Apple IIGS, boot to BASIC, PR#5 -> Capture in 1080p from Extron scaler then screenshots on Mac.  I do not know how to emulate an 800kb disk image in Apple II mode in an emulator on Mac so I had to use real hardware.  I discovered after recording everything that the aspect ratio was wrong so please excuse the slightly vertically compressed image.

Disk image provided by Lesley Ayling, NSW Australia. 

granny's_garden 003granny's_garden 004granny's_garden 002granny's_garden 001