Scene World

Podcast Episode #69 – iFixit's Kelsea Weber and Kay-Kay Clapp

June 29, 2019 Scene World

If you’re looking to repair almost anything, iFixit is THE place to go for almost every resource you’d need. Joerg wraps up Scene World’s Right to Repair Month [obnoxious air horn] with iFixit’s Kelsea Weber and Kay-Kay Clapp, where they talk about the amazing resource that iFixit provides to …


Wolfling (Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga & PC/Linux/MacOS)

June 9, 2019 rgcd

Earlier this year, shortly after the launch of the Amiga versions of Powerglove and Tigerclaw, Matthias ‘Lazycow’ Bock released Wolfling for the Commodore 64, a conversion of his 2017 NesDev competition entry and possibly his most accomplished platform adventure to date. Featuring a shape-shifting werewolf protagonist, Wolfling is most …