Retro Roundup is a curator of retrocomputing news. Whether you’re a fan of the Apple II, Atari 800, Commodore 64, Nintendo Entertainment System, or other older personal computers and video game systems, Retro Roundup is your single source for all the latest retrocomputing and retrogaming headlines.

Our content comes from hundreds of curated sources across the Internet. Each source has been personally vetted and categorized to offer a personalized experience of just the news that interests you. All our content is available for free both on the website and via subscription to our RSS feeds and email newsletters.

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What Is Retro?

Retro can refer to anything that was popular in the past. Maybe it’s something you had first-hand experience with when you were younger; or maybe it’s something you’re encountering for the first time, despite it being decades old.

As consumers and technology get older, “retro” becomes a moving target. For the purpose of Retro Roundup, we’re currently limiting ourselves to tech released before 1994, or new products designed to work with or emulate pre-1994 tech.

We can’t guarantee that each individual post will conform to this requirement, but it is our general guideline when curating sources.

What Is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication allows publishers to distribute their content across the Internet. Whether you use Feedly to read today’s headlines or iTunes to subscribe to your favorite podcasts, RSS is what powers all these broadcasts and more.

Most publishing platforms automatically generate an RSS feed. If you’re a reader, look for the RSS icon on the site or in your address bar. If you’re a content creator, platforms such as WordPress, Squarespace, Tumblr, and SoundCloud support RSS.

Retro Roundup does not repurpose any site’s content in its entirety. Publishers of RSS feeds can choose whether to publish all their content, or merely excerpts. Regardless of their decision, we publish only the first 50 words of any post, with redirect and canonical links to the source for the remainder. All syndicated content remains the property of its original copyright owners.

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Although we choose the feeds for this site, we do not curate each individual post. We therefore assume no responsibility, express or implied, for the syndicated content on this site or the sites they link to.

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Retro Roundup was founded by Kay Savetz in 2005 and relaunched by Ken Gagne in 2017.

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