Retro Computing Roundtable

RCR Episode 248: So long, 2021

January 19, 2022 Retro Computing Roundtable

Panelists: Paul Hagstrom (hosting), Earl Evans, and Carrington Vanston Topic: So long, 2021 At the tail end of 2021, we talk about our retrocomputing-based adventures during the year, with a little bit of a look ahead at what might come after. Topic/Feedback links: Drop /// Inches, episode #11 (re: …

Sub-Etha Software

The many, many Insta360 Selfie Sticks

January 18, 2022 Sub-Etha Software

Updates: 1/18/2022 – Page created. Why are there so many? What are the differences? Let’s find out… The first problem is that the official online store does not currently give any specifications of these accessories. Only two mention a length in their product name. You can find their full …

Apple II

Considering In-Person KansasFest 2022

January 18, 2022 KansasFest

The KFest committee is taking the pulse of the community regarding vaccination, masking, and the return to a physical event. If, during normal times, you’d be likely to attend KansasFest in person, please fill out our quick 1-question survey. The post Considering In-Person KansasFest 2022 first appeared on KansasFest. …

Sub-Etha Software

C structures and padding and sizeof

January 18, 2022 Sub-Etha Software

This came up at my day job when two programmers were trying to get a block of data to be the size both expected it to be. Consider this example: typedef struct { uint8_t byte1; // 1 uint16_t word1; // 2 uint8_t byte2; // 1 uint16_t word2; // 2 uint8_t …


PiZ SuperCap safe shutdown for Raspberry Pi Zero

January 18, 2022 Sub-Etha Software

Last year, I learned of a new Kickstarter that solved a significant problem with using a Raspberry Pi for embedded “turn key” projects. The Raspberry Pi is a disk-based Linux system, using a microSD card in place of a hard drive. If you kill power to a Raspberry Pi without …


Apollo Comms Part 9: Mystery Up Data Box

January 17, 2022 CuriousMarc

Marcel rescued a mystery box from the scrapper. Says Up Data on it, we think it’s from the Apollo program. Can Master Ken figure out what it is? Apollo Comms Playlist: Fran’s video on the edge-lit display: Links to doc: Our sponsors – PCBWay: fast …

Amigos Retro Gaming

Lunar Lander + Gravitar = Oids! The Atari ST Show 1

January 17, 2022 Amigos Retro Gaming

Oids combined some of the best early arcade games and added the replay value necessary for home computers in one very attractive package. 🏆 Support The Atari ST Show on Patreon and help make it a weekly program!! The Atari ST Show is a celebration oft-unsung member of the …