April 22, 2018 AtariCrypt

When I first loaded up Zaptastic, I immediately assumed a cheap Robotron ripoff but it’s actually based on an old Jeff Minter game called Ancipital. Lee Burrows not only coded this conversion but did all the graphics and sounds too. I believe it runs on both models of ST but …


ANTIC Interview 334 – Matthew McGinley, Elite Personal Accountant

April 22, 2018 ANTIC

Matthew McGinley, Elite Personal Accountant   Matthew McGinley was the creator and publisher of Elite Personal Accountant, financial management software for the Atari computer. He released it in mid-1985 after working on it for several years.   The review of Elite Personal Accountant by Stephen Roquemore in Antic magazine said, …


Scene World – Public Event Calendar available!

April 21, 2018 C64.TV

During the last 12 years of releasing various stuff under the Scene World flag, we receive a lot of questions like “When it the new diskmag issue being released, when is the new youtube video being released, when is the new Twitch Live Stream or when is the new podcast



April 21, 2018

Interne Stereo-Karte f?r den Commodore 64, 64C, SX64, 128 oder 128D.

Lieferumfang: Stereokarte Anleitung St?lpdeckelkarton

(Abbildung ?hnlich)