Flight Of The Intruder

June 17, 2018 AtariCrypt

Check out my latest purchase: Flight Of The Intruder. The huge box has a minimalistic yet sleek artwork style so it’s going straight into our Box Art section. I have always admired this game but somehow I oddly never got the play it back in the day… Well, finally, I …


CoCoTALK! After Dark! #11 Assembly TALK! and MC-10 TALK!

June 17, 2018 CoCoTALK!

When you can’t get enough CoCoTALK! we bring you After DARK! a bonus episode the same day, just a little later in the evening, with alcohol, and freer speech 🙂 We’re open to talk about all topics and systems, so join us!

On the panel: Brian Joyce, Jason the CoCo

Apple II

Apple 2’s LOGO!

June 17, 2018 Reddit

Who was addicted to this? I was back in the 80s esp. with my rad teacher named Mr. Mangel (I wonder if he is still alive and a Redditor here). I remember in 6th grade, he had a cabled robotic LOGO turtle that plot on papers on the