Apple II

Looking for Apple IIc (A2S4100) keyboard assembly

November 24, 2017 Reddit


I’m on a quest for an Apple IIc keyboard assembly. While I am not a collector of vintage computers just yet, I do enjoy myself a bit of nostalgia for my fingertips. Vintage keyboards are my thing, and the Apple IIC A2S4100 has the keyboard of my


Episode 34 with special guest host Grant Leighty!

November 23, 2017 CoCoTALK!

Welcome to CoCoTALK! Episode 34, the first live CoCoTALK! we’ve had in about 3 weeks. Due to home internet issues, ogStevieStrow has been unable to live stream the show, the past few episodes have been pre-recorded.

Today Grant Leighty takes over as both the live stream host and the show

Apple II

Updating a Vulcan Drive

November 23, 2017 Call-A.P.P.L.E.

A few months ago i acquired an Apple IIgs, and to my surprise it had a Vulcan drive inside. The Vulcan was an internal combo of hard drive/power supply with a controller card. At that time, the only hard drive options were an external drive or an IDE card. The …

Apple II


November 23, 2017 FinApple

I am now a member of the Finland-based preservation group called “kasettilamerit”.
We are dedicated group to preserve any magnetic media in any known (almost!) format used by computers as well other releated material.

I am focused of cos to Apple ][ and ///.

FinApple 2017 (c)
Apple ][ forever