Apple II

“Time Zone” by On-line

September 16, 2019 Reddit

I just found a box of Apple II games I thought for years was a box of my parents’ old snapshots. But, no. And it has the first game I ever played on PC: Time Zone. Anyone remember this? It’s all still in good

Apple II

GGLABS Memory Test V0.44

September 15, 2019 GGLABS

GMT (GGLABS Memory Test) is a new developed memory test for vintage computers optimized for speed and coverage. The code is based on the test algorithms described in “Testing Semiconductor Memories: Theory and Practice” by A.J. van de Goor. The program is mostly in C plus small sections in assembly.

Apple II

Darkstar Unhinged for the Apple II Announced

September 13, 2019 Call-A.P.P.L.E.

Packard has announced the immediate availability of his new game for the Apple II computer, Darkstar Unhinged. According to the press release, You’re Deuce Darkstar, and you’ve saved the universe time and time again from alien invaders set to wipe out all the cute alien races who have pleaded for …