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Apple III PFS report med Handledning för användaren:

March 22, 2019 FinApple

Found an nice boxed copy of “FPS: Report” for Apple ///. What makes it interesting (to me) is that it’s complete set (it looks like it) and it’s localized version and have two manuals in Swedish. These localized materials are very interesting to me.


PFS: Report (Apple

Big Mess o' Wires
Apple II

Simulating Disk Sounds

March 21, 2019 Big Mess o' Wires

If you’ve ever used an Apple II computer, then you’ll remember the click-clack-whack sounds of a 5 1/4 inch floppy drive. The internal stepper motor moves between tracks on the disk, and every step makes an audible sound. When the computer first boots, it makes an unforgettable buzzing sound as

Apple II

Atari 130XE vs CEC-E:

March 21, 2019 FinApple


I recently bought an nice boxed, Atari 130XE from Sweden that was quite complete. The model is quite nice as it’s with the new XE-case design as well it have 128k RAM already built in. Sadly the built quality of  the XE-line was somehow

Apple II

Jumbo OLED Fun

March 20, 2019 Big Mess o' Wires

A few days back, a discussion on the Apple II Facebook group asked about large format Floppy Emu displays for people with vision difficulties. Here’s a 2.42 inch OLED that’s a simple drop-in replacement for the OLED in Floppy Emu Model C. With more than 3x the screen area