Apple II

What’s in YOUR basement?

July 20, 2017 Eric Rangell

Tonight’s livestream of the RetroConnector mini solderfest inspired me to look at some old project ideas I had in my 20s for interfacing my Apple //e Game I/O connector for the purpose of controlling MIDI.  It also inspired me to find $100 for a future order of 2 products they

Apple II

Old friends of KansasFest

July 17, 2017 Apple II Bits

KansasFest 2017 is this week, and more than a dozen attendees will be arriving with shirts from KFests past to make a group photo happen. While I was looking for examples of previous such photos, I came across this artifact.

Dain Neater snapped this photo outside Avila University at

Apple II

New toy arrived: Floppy EMU

July 15, 2017 Eric Rangell

Thank you Steve Chamberlin for creating this cool little gadget. It arrived promptly via USPS Priority Mail in a small flat rate box. I just tested it out and got it to load 140K and 800K floppy images on my //c+ after playing around with several configurations. I had