Apple II


November 23, 2017 FinApple

I am now a member of the Finland-based preservation group called “kasettilamerit”.
We are dedicated group to preserve any magnetic media in any known (almost!) format used by computers as well other releated material.

I am focused of cos to Apple ][ and ///.

FinApple 2017 (c)
Apple ][ forever

Computer History Museum

New iPhone Exhibit Celebrates the “One Device that Changes Everything”

November 21, 2017 Computer History Museum

As part of the Exponential Center’s iPhone 360 Project, in collaboration with Senior Curator Dag Spicer, Internet History Program Curatorial Director Marc Weber, and the Center for Software History‘s Director David C. Brock and Curator Hansen Hsu, the Computer History Museum (CHM) has launched a new exhibit that explores the technology, history, and business and social …

Apple II

An Arduino keyboard for the Apple II

November 20, 2017 Apple II Bits

My first computer was an Apple IIe that my father purchased to help manage the family business. Given the wealth of games that were also available for the Apple II, it was inevitable that its use spread to his four sons. All was going well until one of us reached

John Linville

Using Infocom’s ZIP on the CoCo

November 19, 2017 John Linville

In the previous post, I discussed some background information relating to the system used by Infocom to publish their interactive fiction games across a variety of competing computer systems that existed when their games were commercially viable. Beyond that I suggested that there were tools available which people today can …

John Linville

Publishing Interactive Fiction on the CoCo

November 18, 2017 John Linville

Often we see people do retro computing projects that really are only a piece of the puzzle. Such projects include hardware gadgets with cool capabilities but no hardware to use them, or media players with no stash of media content to consume. Hopefully these projects “scatch an itch” for the …