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Dissecting Medicine in the Digital Age with UCSF’s Dr. Atul Butte

June 13, 2018 Computer History Museum

Today, sequencing our genetic code or doing a DNA test is affordable, fast, and can even connect people with long lost relatives (for example, and 23andMe). Additionally, these genetic databases are producing real-world applications—including creating targeted drug therapies to treat certain cancers, narrowing down suspects in criminal investigations, and …

Apple II

CEC “Basic Skills Software Resource Collection”

June 12, 2018 RetroRetrospective

Computer Education Centre

It’s not every day an Australian Educational software set appears on eBay just begging to be imaged.  This is the “Basic Skills Software Resource Collection” by the Computer Education Centre (CEC).  This is the main collection of 16 single-sided 5.25″ diskettes, and the bonus double-sided 17th diskette.

Apple II Bits
Apple II

Ready Player One’s Richard Garriott inspiration

June 11, 2018 Apple II Bits

Ready Player One was my favorite novel of 2011, providing a dystopian cyberpunk adventure targeted at geeks who grew up immersed in 1980s pop culture. I’ve since recognized the book’s problematic elements with gatekeeping, transphobia, and fan service without substance … yet I still can’t help but be fascinated by

Computer History Museum

Task Rabbits and Thunder Lizards: A Founder and Funder Story

When a founder’s vision sparks a funder’s interest, an idea can become an enterprise with the potential to reimagine the whole idea of community. That’s what happened when TaskRabbit founder Leah Busque and Floodgate venture capitalist Ann Miura-Ko joined forces. The two discussed their partnership growing one of the earliest …

Apple II

Two Australian books: Shake Hands With The Apple ][ and Apple //e

May 30, 2018 Jeremy Barr-Hyde

Shake Hands With The Apple – two books presented in the original form and then the later Apple //e updated edition.  The preface: We are involved in teaching computer operation to post secondary students and find that available manuals assume an understanding of computing terminology. We realise that there is a

Apple II

Apple II and CP/M:

May 29, 2018 FinApple

CP/M being very popular Operating system back in the 70’s and early 80’s, lots of CP/M (soft) cards were made for the Apple II as well. One of the first ones was released by Microsoft, called “Z-80 Softcard” in 1980 and being first hardware product released by Microsoft. That