Action! Graphics 0 Text Highlight

June 30, 2022 Unfinished Bitness

In this post I show I used the Atari 8 bits Player/Missile graphics to produce a highlighter effect on graphics 0 screen text. Essentially I am using players defined 8 bits wide and using double line resolution within the player/missile graphics. This equates to an 8×8 graphics 0 character cell …


Drobo “saves the day”?

June 29, 2022 Sub-Etha Software

I hate it when this happens… It looks like a 4TB drive in my 5-bay Drobo has gone out. Drobo cannot detect it. I have dual-drive redundancy enabled, so two drives can fail and I’d still have my data… Fortunately. Drobo 5C showing a 4TB drive failure. Hopefully, …

Sub-Etha Software

TIL: Color BASIC device numbers and more.

June 27, 2022 Sub-Etha Software

When I moved from my Commodore VIC-20 to a TRS-80 Color Computer, I spent much time going through the “Getting Started with Color BASIC” and “Getting Started with Extended Color BASIC” manuals that came with it. If you had the original manual revision, you may have been taught things slightly …


Invaders09 source code now on GitHub

June 23, 2022 Sub-Etha Software

I have posted the source code to my 1994 CoCo 3 OS-9 Space Invaders-style game to GitHub: Current version is 1.04, from 2015. Screen Shots Invaders09 by Sub-Etha Software Invaders09 by Sub-Etha Software Maybe one day I’ll do a 1.05. I never did …


Online 6809 emulator with semi-MC6847 support

June 21, 2022 Sub-Etha Software

Awhile back, the Internet led me to a wondrous thing: an online 6809 emulator, complete with compiler, debugger, and text/graphical output! This website, “designed and coded” by Gwilym Thomas, is amazing. If has a spot where you can enter 6809 assembly source code, then you can compile and run …


Installing LWTOOLS on Windows using Cygwin

June 16, 2022 Sub-Etha Software

Updates: 2022-06-30 – Added details about adding Mercurial and retrieving source that way. Also added notes about building Toolshed (currently does not work) and NitrOS9. A quick tutorial on how to get the Lost Wizard LWTOOLS running under Windows. I have tested this under Windows 11. To build under …