Apple II

Apple III PFS report med Handledning för användaren:

March 22, 2019 FinApple

Found an nice boxed copy of “FPS: Report” for Apple ///. What makes it interesting (to me) is that it’s complete set (it looks like it) and it’s localized version and have two manuals in Swedish. These localized materials are very interesting to me.


PFS: Report (Apple

Apple II

Atari 130XE vs CEC-E:

March 21, 2019 FinApple


I recently bought an nice boxed, Atari 130XE from Sweden that was quite complete. The model is quite nice as it’s with the new XE-case design as well it have 128k RAM already built in. Sadly the built quality of  the XE-line was somehow

Apple II

Making headway but hit a few snags..

March 17, 2019 Sean Fitzgerald

Tonight I got started and started taking inventory and installing some of the upgrades I picked up. It was fun – but I didn’t have a heap of time to tinker too much….

I am missing the SCSI port screws which allow me to mount the connection to the case as …


Bomber: BASIC Tenliners Contest 2019 entry

March 8, 2019 Kevin Savetz

My sixth entry in the 10-line BASIC contest is Bomber, a Kaboom! clone. It’s written in Turbo BASIC XL and fits in the PUR-120 category. You need a paddle controller and quick reflexes to catch the mad bomber’s falling bombs. The game ends when you miss five bombs. You earn

Apple II

An old friend

March 3, 2019 Sean Fitzgerald

I am a retro computing enthusiast and over the years have mostly focused on Amiga machines as well as classic Mac hardware. However lately I have had the bug to revisit some computers that took me back to my childhood in the early 80’s which were the Commodore 8-bit line …