Apple II

The Robot Book, Richard Pawson

April 17, 2018 Jeremy Barr-Hyde

ISBN: 0863990665

Enjoy this unique, creative and historical book about Robots and home computers. It is highly relevant to the Apple II and wider vintage computing community and robot enthusiasts.  This was a difficult scan and the source was ‘well loved’ shall we say.  However content is king and you’ll

Apple II

Apple Personal Modem rescue

April 16, 2018 Apple II Bits

When I recall my first dial-up connection, I think about the Apple II and CompuServe. But I often overlook the piece of hardware that connected the two: the Apple Personal Modem.

The Apple Personal Modem was a first-party peripheral, matching the color palette and design aesthetic of the Apple IIe

Computer History Museum

2018 CHM Fellow: Dame Stephanie Shirley

April 10, 2018 Computer History Museum

Just weeks before the start of the Second World War, two young Austrian Jewish girls were put on a train and sent to England for safety.  They were part of a much larger effort — known as the Kindertransport — which ultimately saved thousands of children from certain death in …

Apple II

Wanted : Je recherche ces jeux !

April 10, 2018 Rhod's collection blog


Austerlitz / Ere Informatique / Commodore 64 DISK

Maupiti Island / Amiga

Sorcellerie II FR / Apple II

Quelques Sogiciel à trouver / Apple II

Voyage au Centre de la Terre / Amiga

ainsi que les autres jeux CHIP sur

Sub-Etha Software

Mandela Effect and Wayne’s World

April 4, 2018 Sub-Etha Software

I’m placing this here for searching engine visibility…

Mandela Effect amuses me because there was one that impacted me, involving a painting I remember seeing in the past twenty years, which does not exist. I have a plausible theory to explain that one, though.

Tonight, I saw Wayne’s World at