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Apple II

Trello for the Apple II

September 18, 2017 Apple II Bits

When I started at my current day job two years ago, I asked my Apple II friends for some good team-based project management tools. My quest was made more difficult by me not knowing what I was looking for, as I’d never used any such software.

Still, even though Trello

Apple II

Apple Opas

September 18, 2017 FinApple

Finally i was able to find an copy of the “Apple Opas”. I had an photocopied version of it in my collection before. Book was translated to Finnish and written by Tietoväylä in Jyväskylä, Finland, 1981.

The book covers BASIC / DOS3.3 / Pascal as well various hardware add-on’s at the

Computer History Museum

Seymour Cray: The Man Who Brought Style to Supercomputers

September 14, 2017 Computer History Museum

A supercomputer is simply a computer that can perform many more calculations per second than the typical computer of its era. The definition is in constant flux. Yesterday’s supercomputer packed the punch of today’s smartphone. From 1969 to 1975, Control Data Corp.’s CDC 7600 was considered the world’s fastest computer, …