Episode 42 – Live in 2018!

January 18, 2018 CoCoTALK!

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We’re back in the swing with another live episode of CoCoTALK! the nation’s leading live talk show featuring the Tandy Color Computer!  This is our first live episode of 2018.

On the call: Jason CoCo Man, David Ladd, Grant Leighty, John Linville, John Mark


ANTIC Interview 323 – Orson Scott Card, Compute! Books

January 18, 2018 ANTIC

Orson Scott Card, Compute! Books   Orson Scott Card is a Hugo Award winning, best-selling science fiction author, perhaps best known for his 1985 novel, Ender’s Game.    But we’re not here to talk about that — because for about nine months, Orson Scott Card was an editor at Compute! …

TRS-80 Trash Talk

Episode 20

January 17, 2018 TRS-80 Trash Talk

These are the show notes for Episode 20 of TRS-80 Trash Talk

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Show Title

Episode 20 –  2017 Review, 2018 Plans and Jerry Heep


This episode includes significant portions of our live show from this past December where we review our episodes from 2017 and talk about our upcoming 2018 …


The Best of CoCoTALK! Volume II

January 13, 2018 CoCoTALK!

This one is best viewed, the YouTube link is

Brian Joyce was at it again, and created a volume 2 of the Best of CoCoTALK! 2017, another hour plus of concentrated CoCo entertainment, enjoy!

There are a lot of great gaming moments in this compilation!

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Episode 41 – CoCoTALK! After Dark #2

January 13, 2018 CoCoTALK!

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This week’s CoCoTALK! was not live, it was recorded Friday night as our second ever CoCoTALK! after dark, no agenda, no live audience, just a couple of guys talking CoCo, and perhaps having some adult beverages.

On the call: Bill Nobel, Boisy Pitre, Grant Leighty,

2600 Game by Game
Atari consoles

147 – Popeye by Parker Brothers

January 10, 2018 2600 Game by Game

Happy New Year! Today’s episode is about Popeye by Parker Brothers, based on the Nintendo arcade game, which in turn is based on the Popeye cartoons, which in turn again is based on the original comic strip which didn’t originally feature Popeye (I know, right?!). Lots of great feedback, thank

New Game Plus

Episode 115: Willow

January 8, 2018 New Game Plus

The aspiring sorcerer dwarves throw magical acorns at skeleton knights in Episode 115: Willow. Thank you, George Lucas.Intro and outro music by Kubbi at …


ANTIC Interview 322 – Maurice Molyneaux, Atari animation guru

January 7, 2018 ANTIC

Maurice Molyneaux, Atari animation guru   Maurice Molyneaux was a game artist, Atari graphics animator, and writer. He wrote articles for Video Games & Computer Entertainment Magazine and A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing Magazine, and wrote “The Animation Stand” column for ST-Log magazine.   He created many animations for various clients primarily using …