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Juiced.GS at the Media Archaeology Lab

February 10, 2019 Juiced.GS

Ten years ago, the Media Archaeology Lab was founded at University of Colorado at Boulder as “a place for cross-disciplinary experimental research and teaching using obsolete tools, hardware, software and platforms”. This mission is very much in line with that of the Apple II community: our hobby of using ancient

Apple II

New Stock: Ultimate Universal Power Supply

February 1, 2019 ReActiveMicro

New stock has arrived for the Ultimate Universal Power Supply! The Ultimate Universal Power Supply is distributed by ReActiveMicro. The power supply consists of the Ultimate Enclosure from UltimateApple2 and the Universal PSU Kit from ReActiveMicro. The enclosure has the Universal PSU Kit installed. Everything has been fully tested and …

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New Dealer/Partnership and New Store Item

January 30, 2019 ReActiveMicro

We’re glad to announce a new hardware designer has selected ReActiveMicro to help bring their project to the Community, and a big warm welcome to Fabien Bénattou! ReActiveMicro is now an Authorized Dealer and Partner with Fabien Bénattou in an effort to bring his first project to the Apple …

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TransWarp GS v2 Preorder Sale!

December 23, 2018 ReActiveMicro

We’re glad to announce the TransWarp GS v2 project is going presale! As announced at KFEST 2016, upon ReActiveMicro’s full return to the Apple II Community that year we decided to revise and update the TransWarp GS project. Now after the completion of the TransWarp GS v1.1 project we …

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Applesauce – New Run Release For Sale!

December 18, 2018 ReActiveMicro

After a couple months of delays, the new run of Applesauce units are available for sale! John Morris ( has received stock of boards and everything looks good to go! The price has gone up a bit since the last run due to the increased cost of the revision 1 …

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New Stock And Sale: Universal PSU Kit v1.3

November 9, 2018 ReActiveMicro

New stock has arrived! We briefly sold out of all our Universal PSU Kit stock. However new stock has arrive this week. And we’re also happy to announce a new product version and a weekend sale! v1.3 of the Universal PSU Kit now has “spring connectors” on both the …

Ultimate Apple2
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An overall update to the community…

November 4, 2018 Ultimate Apple2

As promised to many of our customers writing in requesting to be added to a waiting list and for updates on projects, here is an update to the community on or about November 1st 2018…..

First we wanted to say that we appreciate all of your interest in our products!