September 8, 2017 AtariCrypt

PouifOuf is a platformer written in GFA Basic for the Atari STe by Le GLod. It has us collecting pointless items left lying around familiar-looking screens and we can only move onto the next level once all are collected.

Movement and control of our cool dude are both fast and …


Jumping Jack’son

September 1, 2017 AtariCrypt

Jack is a fella who simply wanted to chill out and listen to a few of his favourite records but he never got the chance because the soul of Rock ‘n Roll is somehow trapped and now manic classical instruments roam the land looking for blood. Of course, your blood… …



August 28, 2017 AtariCrypt

The Phantom Demo was released by Amiga/PC crew, Arkham who (for me) seemed to appear out of nowhere only to disappear once again into their natural cold habitat. This is actually two different party releases from 1993/4 bundled together and features super duper visual effects and fantastic chiptunes by …


Top Banana

August 20, 2017 AtariCrypt

Top Banana is a vertically scrolling platformer not too dissimilar to Magic Boy or Rainbow Islands. Ignoring the stupid eco storyline, this certainly has an unusual mix of weirdness and even begins with a tripped out acid-style intro reminding me of Grotesque and Aciid Burn (Whattaheck). Well, a little, but …


Ironman Challenge II

August 11, 2017 AtariCrypt

Glutton for punishment Mike of The New Retro Show has just released the second part of the Ironman Challenge. As you may remember, I gave him a list of Atari ST games which I thought would help push him over the edge. Well, he’s still with us, so let’s see …


Clockwork Orange

August 9, 2017 AtariCrypt

I love going through the Stonish archives and it’s been a while since I last posted anything into our Menu CD section so here is a cool intro by Clockwork Orange. The disk comes with a familiar copier and a couple of fantastic games, Grav and Vroom, so why not …



August 8, 2017 AtariCrypt

Darkman is a combination of mini-games all strung together in that Ocean style we love so much. However, the first thing that struck me was the quality of the artwork and I instantly knew this was going inside our PixelArt section. The title picture and cutscenes have a dark and …


Crackman In The Search For His Dealer

August 6, 2017 AtariCrypt

Crackman was released for the Atari STe by Teenage [Pung] and has one of the most idiotic storylines I’ve ever heard so make sure you read the docs! Okay, I’m sure you’ve already guessed, Crackman is a PacMan clone but is also one of the most challenging I have ever …



August 5, 2017 AtariCrypt

I’ve always loved ElefantaSTic which was released at Silly Venture 2013 by Genesis Project. It’s an amazing demo and I feel breaks away from the norm with unique and stunning styles. The artwork is superb and there are a few beautiful effects with a perfectly apt chiptune. One of my …



August 4, 2017 AtariCrypt

Here are two more silly wallpapers which I’ve made for use on my own computer but both are free for anyone that wishes to pay the registration fee of £100. The logo was taken from Pole Position [Atari 5200] and the other is an infamous piece of text which all …