November 15, 2017 AtariCrypt

I strangely felt the need to compensate for my gaming horror (which saw me embarrassingly struggling with Platform Capers) so Dave Munsie has rushed to my rescue with his adaption of the 8-Bit classic, Berzerk. However, I admit I had my fingers crossed when first loading, hoping it didn’t suck …


Platform Capers

November 13, 2017 AtariCrypt

Platform Capers was released in 1992 by Kay Downes for Budgie UK and has obvious 8-Bit roots which is something I’m usually instantly attracted too. Aesthetically, I feel it’s a cross between Clod Hopper, Jumping Jack and Donkey Kong with adorable authentic graphics and sound effects. These transport me back …



November 12, 2017 AtariCrypt

I got bored and converted a pic which I found on the net to 16-colours using Imagecopy 4. I figured it would make the perfect desktop background so booted up Deskpic, which you can find on ST Format cover disk #60.

Rock and roll, baby. STay Atari. …


The Lost World

November 5, 2017 AtariCrypt

The Lost World was developed back in 1989 by John Leather who sadly never managed to find a publisher. The game itself is complete but the audio was missing and he “only” managed to design half of the planned 100 levels. Since then, a tune has been added which suits …


The Ultimate Arena

November 1, 2017 AtariCrypt

The Ultimate Arena was released in 1995 by STeam and must rank as one of the last commercial Atari STe games. Choose to play as Sandy or Terry before proceeding to the first match that has us battling against a series of dodgy villans, each of whom has their own …


The Golden Dawn Mod Disk #14

October 29, 2017 AtariCrypt

I’ve been looking for a menu disk that offers something a little different from the norm. By pure luck, I was talking to STompy who told me about an old disk of his which he made for The Golden Dawn group. The intro is a humorous hack of Cannon Fodder …



October 27, 2017 AtariCrypt

It’s time for some more amazing 16-Bit #PixelArt with ImageWorks’ 1988 hit Bombuzal. I remember seeing this in the magazines of the day and couldn’t believe the cartoon-like quality of the main character within his colourful isometric world. He is an odd potato-shaped dude who performs a funny expression as …



October 24, 2017 AtariCrypt

A nasty virus has infected the automated machines on Mars so the robots have captured our scientists and are holding them captive. We have no anti-virus program at hand so it’s our job to destroy any robots that get in the way and help lead the boffins to safety. Jump …


9 Lives

October 22, 2017 AtariCrypt

It’s time once again for some Atari ST box art and today we have 9 Lives. Like most Arc games, this has a simple design but is pretty comical with a laughing cat that reminds me of Tom And Jerry. I also liked the glowing scores from three popular magazines …


Mystic Realm

October 20, 2017 AtariCrypt

An evil vagrant has kidnapped the Princess (or Prince if you prefer to switch characters) and now she requires our valiant rescue. Whatever character, we are once again crawling through monster-infested dungeons fighting zombies, ghosts, bats, and more. It may look like it was made in 1985 but Mystic Realm …