Big Mess o' Wires
Apple II

Simulating Disk Sounds

March 21, 2019 Big Mess o' Wires

If you’ve ever used an Apple II computer, then you’ll remember the click-clack-whack sounds of a 5 1/4 inch floppy drive. The internal stepper motor moves between tracks on the disk, and every step makes an audible sound. When the computer first boots, it makes an unforgettable buzzing sound as

Apple II

Jumbo OLED Fun

March 20, 2019 Big Mess o' Wires

A few days back, a discussion on the Apple II Facebook group asked about large format Floppy Emu displays for people with vision difficulties. Here’s a 2.42 inch OLED that’s a simple drop-in replacement for the OLED in Floppy Emu Model C. With more than 3x the screen area

Big Mess o' Wires
Apple II

Daisy Chain Design Vote

March 15, 2019 Big Mess o' Wires

Vote for your preferred Floppy Emu daisy chain design option! I’ve been working on this concept for several weeks, and wrote about it here, here, here, and here. I’ve now realized there are two different paths I could follow, with different feature sets and likely costs. For those who are

Apple II

Daisy Chain Adapter Progress

March 14, 2019 Big Mess o' Wires

I’m still working away on the daisy chain adapter concept for Floppy Emu, and I’ve prototyped something that mostly works. It’s a real mess on the breadboard. There’s an AVR microcontroller in there somewhere, plus some open drain buffers, some NAND gates… I think I also saw an engine

Apple II

Circuit Fixes and Pulldown Problems

March 7, 2019 Big Mess o' Wires

I’m continuing work on the daisy chain adapter concept for Floppy Emu, and I’ve run into a problem. There’s a pulldown resistor on the Floppy Emu board that’s too weak (resistor value is too large) to reliably pull the voltage all the way down to the logic low threshold. This

Apple II

Introducing the Floppy Emu Model C

March 5, 2019 Big Mess o' Wires

Today I’m thrilled to announce the newest member of BMOW’s Floppy Emu disk emulator family – the Model C. Floppy Emu is a floppy and hard disk emulator for classic Apple II, Macintosh, and Lisa computers. The new Model C introduces an eye-catching 1.3-inch 128×64 OLED display, with crisp

Apple II

Daisy Chain Daydreams

February 4, 2019 Big Mess o' Wires

Some Apple II computers can daisy-chain disk drives: connect multiple disks, one after another in a single chain. I’m exploring options for the BMOW Floppy Emu disk emulator to support daisy-chaining more flexibly than it does now. I’d love your thoughts on whether you’d find this personally useful –

Apple II

The End of the ROM-inator

February 1, 2019 Big Mess o' Wires

All good things must come to an end, and today it’s the end of the Macintosh ROM-inator II SIMM and SIMM programmer. The DIY ROM-inator I kit was discontinued a year ago, and now the ROM-inator II is suffering the same fate. I hate to see it go, but