Scene World Podcast Episode #44 – Rob Hubbard!

February 7, 2018 C64.TV

Rob Hubbard is one of the best known composers of video game music, and has been producing music on the C64 as well as many other machines for decades. AJ and Joerg talk to him about the recently completed PROJECT HUBBARD, his career, and the future of game music.



Games Talk Live: Paladins Esports Pros Suffer : Recording online

January 28, 2018 C64.TV

Games Talk Live talked with EStream co-host Michele Marrow, PUDG Conference orga Jesse Collins and Dave Klein about “Paladins rips off PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS and doesn’t pay its #esports players. Plus, loltyler1 returns to Twitch—breaking records and the website”

The recording of the live talk can be found on their facebook


PRESS RELEASE: LuftrauserZ **Official Commodore 64 Port of Vlambeer’s Luftrausers**

January 16, 2018 C64.TV

Title: LuftrauserZ Developer: Paul Koller
Publishers: RGCD.DEV Ltd, Vlambeer
Available For: Commodore 64/128/GS
Compatibility Notes: PAL Only
Launch Price: $4.99 (Digital Download) / £40 (Commodore 64/128 Cartridge)
Release Date: 8th December 2017

The skies will be set aflame and the seas will overflow with wreckage in Vlambeer’s stylish arcade shooter