GameBase64 Forums and downloads are back!

November 20, 2017 C64.TV

Sent in by email from Baracuda:

“Since Gamebase64 had problems with its forum, I have asked Shane Wood (of 8BitFiles) if he can help out. Well, the future of the forum is ensured, apart from a few bugs and tweaks still to be made, but the servers for downloading the


Additional info to Cinemaware Pre-Order Update #14

November 16, 2017 C64.TV

From the Cinema Retro Newsletter:

“Update to the latest Update.
Sorry to bother you again. I´ve got some replies asking what is inside the box and a direct link for Rocket Ranger. You can order it direct here: http://retro.cinemaware.com/product/rocket-ranger-extended-collectors-edition/

What is inside the box and also what systems are supported:


Shipping of Rocket Ranger and Wings:RE and new Shop

November 15, 2017 C64.TV

From the Cinemaware Retro Newsletter:

“After a long time of development the shipping of Rocket Ranger, Wings:RE (Amiga) has been started. Also the latest orders will be shipped now. After the last weeks of development i have to finalize the Boxes for the Amiga32-Event. After this weeks and months i