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Welcome to the europlus zone!

July 31, 2017 europlus


While I struggle to find the time to write up my WOzFest Slot 7: Your Card recap and post the galleries photos and links, I may as well write a quick post on the “re-branding” of my blog here.

A year and a half ago, when I moved the

Apple II Europlus
Apple II

WOzFest Slot 7: Your Card Announcement

June 2, 2017 europlus

I’m very happy to announce that the next WOzFest, WOzFest Slot 7: Your Card, will be held on Saturday 22 July 2017, starting around midday Sydney time (UTC+10:00).

The theme for the day will be “The IIgs”, and was requested/selected by attendees at WOzFest PR#6.

I’ll be taking a relative back seat on this

Apple II

Retrochallenge 2017/04 Recap – europlus Refurbapalooza Edges Along

May 3, 2017 europlus

I was right in my suspicion that I would not get as much done with my europlus refurbishment this time ’round, but I am actually happy with what I got done during April (and just outside the competition deadline) given my “real life” constraints.

During April, I tested the electrolytic

Apple II

WOzFest PR#6 Galleries

May 3, 2017 europlus

Below are my photos from WOzFest PR#6 and Andrew’s tweeted photos.

Jeremy has shared his photos as well.

Dressed appropriately

The attendee gifts are ready

The fun begins

In full swing

The gift revealed

So useful!

Andrew’s disk sorting

One europlus PSU repaired

Neville’s imaging continues

That’s a wrap!