Floppy Days 86 – The Sinclair ZX80 Part II with Earl Evans

August 11, 2018 FloppyDays

The Sinclair ZX80 and ZX81

Welcome to the Floppy Days Podcast with myself, Randy Kindig, and a whole host of vintage computers surrounding me, each one wanting their time in the limelight.  This will be part 2 of the 2-part series on the Sinclair ZX80 & 81 computer line. Once


Floppy Days 84 – The Sinclair ZX80 with Earl Evans

May 30, 2018 FloppyDays

The Sinclair ZX-80

Hello and welcome to the Floppy Days Podcast for May, 2018, where we remind everyone of the days when everyone knew how to program a computer, not just use it for social media.  My name is Randy Kindig and I host this podcast.

We are coming near


Floppy Days 83 – The Intellivision Keyboard Component

April 15, 2018 FloppyDays

The Intellivision Keyboard Component

Hello everyone and welcome to Floppy Days #83 for April, 2018.  My name is Randy Kindig and I host this little retrospective on vintage computers.  I’m stepping outside the normal timeline for this particular episode in order to cover a vintage gaming console and an upgrade


Floppy Days 82 – The Acorn Atom

February 28, 2018 FloppyDays

The Acorn Atom and the Fifth Year of Floppy Days

1980 was a very prolific year for the development of personal computers around the globe and we continue to cover machines made in that year.  This month’s topic is a machine that was never made available in the United States.


Floppy Days 81 – David Needle, technology reporter

January 31, 2018 FloppyDays

David Needle, technology reporter

David Needle is a technology reporter and editor based in Silicon Valley. He has worked for a variety of publications including:

Computer World InfoWorld Personal Computing Information Week Computer Currents

He has interviewed many technology giants of the early computer days, such as:

Steve Jobs Bill …


Floppy Days 80 – Tandy Pocket Computers, Part 2

December 31, 2017 FloppyDays

Tandy Pocket Computers, Part 2

Welcome to episode 80 of the Floppy Days Podcast, for December, 2017!

This episode is part 2 of the coverage of the TRS-80 pocket computer line.  In the timeline we’re still in the year 1980, with the first of the pocket computer line, the PC-1,


Floppy Days 79 – Tandy Pocket Computers, Part 1

November 29, 2017 FloppyDays

Tandy Pocket Computers, Part 1

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