Floppy Days 80 – Tandy Pocket Computers, Part 2

December 31, 2017 FloppyDays

Tandy Pocket Computers, Part 2

Welcome to episode 80 of the Floppy Days Podcast, for December, 2017!

This episode is part 2 of the coverage of the TRS-80 pocket computer line.  In the timeline we’re still in the year 1980, with the first of the pocket computer line, the PC-1,


Floppy Days 79 – Tandy Pocket Computers, Part 1

November 29, 2017 FloppyDays

Tandy Pocket Computers, Part 1

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Floppy Days 78 – Interview with Stewart Cheifet, Computer Chronicles

October 27, 2017 FloppyDays

Stewart Cheifet, Computer Chronicles


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Floppy Days 76 – Interview with Ian Mavric, TRS-80

August 12, 2017 FloppyDays

Interview with Ian Mavric, TRS-80 Recycler

This is an interview-only episode of Floppy Days.  I was able to catch up with someone well-known in the TRS-80 community, Mr. Ian Mavric, or Mav for short.  Mav bills himself as a TRS-80 recycler who also sells a lot of upgrades for the


Floppy Days 73 – The Commodore Vic-20, Part I

May 29, 2017 FloppyDays

The Commodore Vic-20, Part I

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Episode 73 of the Floppy Days Podcast, where modern computers are simply considered peripherals to the classic computers.  My name is Randy Kindig.  In the computer timeline, we’re still squarely in the year 1980.  In that year, a breakthrough computer,


Floppy Days 72 – Neil Harris, Vic-20 Commando Team

April 26, 2017 FloppyDays

Interview with Neil Harris, Member of the Vic Commando Team

Welcome to the Floppy Days Podcast, where classic computers will always have a home.  My name is Randy Kindig.  This is the final of four consecutive episodes where I talked to gentlemen who were either involved with the development of