Arcade Daze (C64): A Substitute For Your Arcade Fix? – Beyond The Scanlines #075

April 8, 2022 hellfire64

Grab Arcade Daze for yourself! ● Digital Download: ● Physical Tape or Disk: If it’s one thing I’m sure many vintage gaming enthusiasts would have missed over the last few years, it’s a trip to one’s favourite arcade. Can Icon64’s Arcade Daze serve as a substitute for when …

Rogue64: Diminutive Dungeoneering Delight – Beyond The Scanlines #073

March 11, 2022 hellfire64

Rogue64 pique your interest? Grab a copy from the following links! ● Digital Download: ● Physical Cartridge: After bouncing hard off Epyx’s Gateway to Apshai (covered in Episode 071), the craving for an Action RPG on the C64 continues. Can Badgerpunch Games’ Rogue64 happen to satisfy it as …

Scramble (Atari 8-Bit & 7800): Going Beyond a Mere Conversion: Beyond The Scanlines #072

February 25, 2022 hellfire64

Atari 7800: ● Download the ROM: ● Buy the Cart: Atari 8-Bits (400/800/XL/XE) (32k Required): ● Download the ROM: ● Buy the Cart: There’s more than one way to convert an arcade classic, and in this episode of Beyond The Scanlines it’s time to check out …

A 2021 Christmas Message

December 24, 2021 hellfire64

Just a small interruption from my end of year break to say thanks for your support during the year that was 2022 2: 2020 Harder (aka 2021). I hope you and yours have a safe and wonderful Christmas or Holidays, and Scanlines will return in the new year after a …