Apple II

Championship Lode Runner Certificate

March 17, 2021 Old Computer Stuff

When people are asked to name their favourite games for the Apple II, Lode Runner is usually somewhere on the list. Funnily enough, I never played much of Lode Runner. For a long time I didn’t even know it existed… My first computer was an Apple //c, bought when I …

Apple II

Scott Adams adventure 1: Adventureland

August 1, 2020 Old Computer Stuff

I recently decided to play some classic text adventures that I tried when I was younger but never finished. First up I had a go at Zork. Still got stuck and had to use maps and a walkthrough. Then listened to the great podcast about it by Kay Savetz and …

Apple II

Resurrecting my Apple IIGS after 20 years

May 5, 2017 Old Computer Stuff

“Will the hard drive spin up?”

That was the question that haunted my thoughts.

You see, I bought an Apple IIGS back in the dim dark past of around 1987 – (a ROM version 01 without the Woz Limited edition signature) – and used it quite extensively for things like

Apple II

AppleColor RGB Monitor

March 12, 2016 Old Computer Stuff

So here’s a brochure I haven’t seen anywhere else online. Also known as a Product Information Sheet.

It’s for the AppleColor RGB Monitor – the recommended monitor for the Apple IIGS. It’s from 1990 and published by Apple Computer Australia.

The image shown on the monitor is from some version