Apple II

New Store Item – SNES MAX from Lukazi’s Loot

July 26, 2021 ReActiveMicro

We’re glad to announce a new item in the ReActiveMicro Store: SNES MAX for Apple IIe and IIgs from Lukazi’s Loot. The SNES MAX by Lukazi’s Loot comes in two options, cable and socket. It supports both Super Nintendo Entertainment System wired and wireless gamepads. The cards …

Apple II

New Store Items – 12-inch LCD Display, and HDMI Video Adapter

October 8, 2020 ReActiveMicro

We’re glad to announce two new video items in the ReActiveMicro Store: The ReActiveMicro 12-inch LCD Display, and ReActiveMicro Mini AV2HDMI Video Adapter Composite video retro computer users now have two new options to help migrate to the newest HDMI displays. The 12″ LCD Display offered by …