RS232 to TTL adapters with all signals, including DCD

February 14, 2018 Sub-Etha Software

I have been experimenting with hooking up low-cost ESP8266 WiFi modules to the Radio Shack Color Computer (or anything with an RS-232 port) using cheap RS232-to-TTL adapters. Most of these adapters only support 3-wire RS-232 (transmit, receive and ground). This is fine for most uses of the CoCo’s built-in Serial

Sub-Etha Software

Add USB for $4

February 2, 2018 Sub-Etha Software

I just wanted to pass along something I learned about last year. There is an inexpensive chip that handles USB host operations, allowing you to plug in devices like keyboards, mice, joysticks, etc. The chip is about $4 in quantities of one, and much cheaper if you order in bulk.

Sub-Etha Software

More RS232 to WiFi (or Ethernet) options…

January 30, 2018 Sub-Etha Software

Here are some more options for getting an old 1980s computer on the internet via RS-232 to WiFi/Ethernet adapters.


The ESP8266 developer modules, like the one I picked up from Amazon for $8.99, are available for around $2.75 when shipped from China. That, and an RS232 converter for about .67,

Sub-Etha Software

I got to make music for an iOS and AppleTV game.

January 29, 2018 Sub-Etha Software

Since the early 1990s, one of my side gigs has been doing audio productions for broadcast radio. I have also done a number of local TV commercials over the years. I can now add video game music to this, as I recently contributed some music for an iOS and AppleTV


Sir Sound 2018 update: Now with WiFi and Bluetooth???

January 26, 2018 Sub-Etha Software

Last year, Sub-Etha Software “announced” the Sir Sound, a sound add-on for the Radio Shack Color Computer that would plug in to the Serial I/O (i.e. printer or bitbanger) port. The prototype looks like this:

Prototype “Sir Sound” sound module for the CoCo (or anything with a serial port, actually).



Jolt Cola is back!

January 12, 2018 Sub-Etha Software

The legendary soda with “all the sugar, and twice the caffeine” is back! The soda, which first became available in 1985, went off the market around 2009. By that time, it had evolved away from the original cola, and was being sold as an energy drink in large cans that