Apple II

AppleColor Composite Monitor flickering? Can it be repaired?

April 30, 2018 Reddit

Hi- my trusty old Apple IIc ‘s monitor is flickering constantly (the color/brightness goes up and down, as if the brightness knob were being turned jerkily). The monitor is still usable if set to monochrome mode, but i’d like to be able to use it in color.


Apple II

Apple II Bits’ octal birthday

April 30, 2018 Apple II Bits

This past weekend, I set up my Apple IIGS in my game room and connected it to my HDTV. I popped in some floppies and played a few classic games: Choplifter, Lode Runner, Karateka, and Conan. Each was as fun as I remembered.

The excuse for this occasion was research


ANTIC Interview 337 – Bryan Talbot, APX Cartoonist

April 30, 2018 ANTIC

Bryan Talbot, APX Cartoonist   Bryan Talbot published one program for the Atari computer: Cartoonist, which was published by Atari Program Exchange. It first appeared in the fall 1983 APX catalog, where it was awarded first prize in the systems/telecommunications category.   This interview took place on December 8, 2017. …