Apple II

Juiced.GS to publish in 2021; more back issues as PDFs

July 25, 2020 Juiced.GS

We’re continuing our KansasFest tradition of announcing that Juiced.GS will continue publishing for another year! Subscribers can look forward to another four issues of exclusive news, reviews, interviews, and how-tos in 2021. We’re back for year 26! Existing subscriptions will automatically renew on …

Apple II

ISO01 – Compact low voltage isolated power supply

May 4, 2020 GGLABS

Project Status: work in progress While working in the lab it’s often useful to have a small isolated power supply handy. Depending on the circuit configuration, ISO01 can generate galvanically isolated unipolar and symmetric voltages from a single 3.3V or 5V rail. The circuit is based on the Texas Instruments SN6501 …

Apple II

GRAD – Micropower Geiger-Müller Counter Arduino Shield

April 7, 2020 GGLABS

Project Status: work in progressLike many other hobbyist we have always been fascinated by radioactivity and the sensors to detect it. Geiger-Müller tubes are a common and relatively inexpensive way to measure radiation. GRAD is a complete solution for radiation counting in an Arduino shield form factor. Its main features are …


CoCo DMA: All Charged Up!

April 4, 2020 RETRO Innovations

Addressing the Color Computer 3 DMA operation challenges via hardware modification, while pretty simple, limits initial adoption. It places the technique into a classic “chicken and egg” situation. The CoCo3 provides an ideal platform for DMA capabilities, but owners will only perform hardware modification if highly desired peripheral capability demands …

Apple II

GZ/80-B00 – 20MHz Z-80 PCPI compatible Apple CP/M card

April 2, 2020 GGLABS

Project Status: work in progressThe PCPI Appli-Card was the first single board computer style CP/M card for the apple II. It featured a 6MHz Z-80 CPU paired with 64KB of RAM and 2KB of ROM. Thanks to the high clock and zero wait states DRAM accesses the card performed almost 3 …