Ep. 28: Nov 1982: ANALOG, Compute!, Creative Computing

May 7, 2021 Wade Ripowski

Format experiment: splitting magazine coverage across two episodes and separating game reviews to their own episodes. Magazines Atari 8-bit magazines ANALOG ANALOG Computing #8 Inverse ATASCII S4E07: Money Manager Compute! Compute #30 Atari 1000 project info from Atari Museum Jeepers …

No Picture

Scramble the movie

May 7, 2021 Retro Ports

 All bugs (AFAICT) have been fixed, transoded C listing has been tidied up, and I’m ready to start on the Neo Geo port next session. There’ll be a bit of a ramp-up as I haven’t touched Neo Geo development for a few years now. But I should have enough examples …

Commodore News

C64 Screensaver & Desktop Toy

May 7, 2021 Commodore News Page

Mark Hart has written a Commodore 64 Screensaver and a Desktop Toy. They both simulate a Commodore 64 with someone doing activities on it. Like writing programs, formatting disks, getting directories, renaming files, drawing graphics, even making typos. …