RMC Episode 574: A Mob of Wombats

June 20, 2021 retromaccast

James and John discuss eBay Finds: Apple PC 5 1/4″ floppy drive, Mac TV with box, and Maple Ridge Auction items. They talk about the Wombat from Big Mess o’ Wires, and news includes WWDC outcome, Apple seller awards, great collection on Reddit, and coffee table idea. …


ANTIC Interview 418 – Rick Trow, Computers: Expressway to Tomorrow

June 19, 2021 ANTIC

Rick Trow, Computers: Expressway to Tomorrow This is the second interview episode about Computers: Expressway to Tomorrow. Computers: Expressway to Tomorrow was a school assembly, sponsored by Atari, that played at hundreds of middle schools and high schools throughout the United States in 1983 and 1984. In the previous interview …