Apple II

Exploring Antenna Gain Directionality

May 17, 2022 Big Mess o' Wires

For the past week BMOW has been busy experimenting with HF radio communication on the 40m and 20m bands, 7 and 14 MHz. With the right radio, antenna, and weather conditions, these frequencies can support direct communication with someone halfway around the world. I haven’t managed to do that yet, …

Chris Torrence
Apple II

#138: New Apple II Products: Noisy Disk, Yellowstone, 4Mb NVRAM Card

May 12, 2022 Assembly Lines

Noisy Disk Sounder: Yellowstone Disk Controller: 4Mb ProDOS NVRAM Card: 6502 Workshop Patreon: My store: Please support my Patreon: Music: Beach Buggy Ride by SIRPRICE, CC BY 3.0: …