Vintage Is the New Old
Apple II

APDA Apple II software library now available

December 2, 2022 Vintage Is the New Old

Back when Apple Computer Inc. still supported the Apple II platform, the company released troves of utilities for end users and programmers alike — from the System 4.0.2 and System 6.0.1 operating systems, to SCSI card and Video Overlay Card utilities, to MPW tools and GS-Bug. These programs enabled users …

Apple II

2-Year Anniversary Sale!

November 30, 2022 6502 Workshop

 As a holiday and 2-year release anniversary promotion, we are offering a 60% discount on digital products, including the Book of Hints and Making of Nox Archaist book! And, a 10% discount on all merch items at Willy’s, the …

Apple II

Configure Your Mac to Allow Vintage Computers to “Dial In”

November 28, 2022 Byte Cellar

As regular readers are aware, I enjoy spending time logged in to a few personal favorites of the myriad telnet bulletin board systems that are presently online and serving as discussion communities for their users. As often as I can, I use one of my vintage systems to “dial” in …