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Apple II

cyanIIde Web-Based Apple IIe Emulator

July 27, 2021 Paleotronic Magazine

cyanIIde is a subset of our microM8 Apple II emulator meant to run on lower-power systems such as the Raspberry Pi and in the browser. This page contains an early release of the WebAssembly version. [more…] The post cyanIIde Web-Based Apple IIe Emulator appeared first on Paleotronic Magazine. …

Big Mess o' Wires
Apple II

Disk Drive Testing

July 26, 2021 Big Mess o' Wires

While I await the new Yellowstone v2.1 PCBs, I’ve been spending more time on testing. With my hacked-up v2.0 PCB, most things are working pretty well, especially with DOS3.3, ProDOS, or game disks. I can connect any odd combination of drives to the Yellowstone card, and expect that it will …

Apple II

Making of Nox Archaist Book —NEW–

July 26, 2021 6502 Workshop

  We are excited to announce the Making of Nox Archaist book is now available for preorder, expected to ship early December 2021!  Click HERE to reserve your copy of the printed edition + ebook, both with color cover and interior! …

Apple II

New Store Item – SNES MAX from Lukazi’s Loot

July 26, 2021 ReActiveMicro

We’re glad to announce a new item in the ReActiveMicro Store: SNES MAX for Apple IIe and IIgs from Lukazi’s Loot. The SNES MAX by Lukazi’s Loot comes in two options, cable and socket. It supports both Super Nintendo Entertainment System wired and wireless gamepads. The cards …