Steve Benway

Ms Pac-Man on Texas Instruments TI99/4a

July 5, 2022 Steve Benway

Gameplay and commentary from Ms Pac-Man, being played (badly) on the Texas Instruments TI99/4a vintage home micro computer. Now, I’m not asking, there is no obligation, pressure or expectation, but for those who would specifically like to support my channel via Patreon, my account is at Nothing is held …

Amigos Retro Gaming

The Great Giana Sisters – The Ranking of Amiga Platformers

July 5, 2022 Amigos Retro Gaming

How does the Great Giana Sisters stack up against other Amiga platformers? 🏆 Support our wacky, weekly Amiga podcast! Watch LIVE Fridays at 5:00 Eastern on 0:00 Series Background 1:05 Game Background 5:41 Gameplay and Review 23:28 Ranking Giana Sisters against other Amiga platformers Check out our other …


268 – Special guest Lee Patterson

July 3, 2022 CoCoTALK!

CoCoTALK! episode 268 – Special Guest Lee Patterson, creator of Bouncy Ball check out his projects at   Custom artwork designed by Instagram artist Joel M. Adams: Custom CoCoTALK! and retro merchandise is available at: Consider becoming a patron of the show: Email any suggestions you …


RMC Episode 616: Giants: Citizen Kabuto

July 3, 2022 retromaccast

James and John discuss eBay finds: Apple Facts booklets, Apple employee crystal bell, and Fortune magazine with Jobs and Gates. John plays a little Giants: Citizen Kabuto, and news includes Apple products worth big money, evolution of MacOS, and Claude VonStrokes’ Bay Area. Join our Facebook …


Apollo Comms Part 18: Updata Link Analog Mystery Solved

July 2, 2022 CuriousMarc

We fix our Updata Link box by solving the mystery of the missing analog components. We X-Ray mysterious Motorola modules, fight with misbehaving LC circuits, and help 1960’s circuits with a dose of 1970’s technology. Ken’s blog article about the X-ray reverse engineering of the Motorola modules: Eric’s new …

Joe Strosnider

Joe’s Birthday Bash!

July 2, 2022 Joe Strosnider

You say it’s my birthday? Why, yes it is! We’re just gonna hangout, have some fun, and work on some old computers. Let’s celebrate! …