Amigos Retro Gaming

Rubicon? Rubi-Khhaaan! Amigos: Everything Amiga 328

December 4, 2021 Amigos Retro Gaming

Rubicon is a colorful run and gun with an innovative power-up mechanic, but it’s not all skeleton eating and sunshine! 🏆 Support Boat and Aaron Your Patreon support helps us continue to produce Amigos every week! Watch LIVE Fridays at 5:00 Eastern on 0:00 What’s your favorite con? …

Amigos Retro Gaming

Games starring Mickey Mouse – on my MiSTer FPGA

December 3, 2021 Amigos Retro Gaming

FrodoNL has a look at 24 games based starring Mickey Mouse, spread over ten different systems. This content was originally streamed live on Frodo’s Twitch channel – – on 2021-08-19. Games seen in this video: Atari 8-bit: – Mickey in the Great Outdoors CoCo: – Mickey’s Space Adventure Amiga …

Steve Benway

Defender on TI99/4a / Bedroom coders.

December 3, 2021 Steve Benway

Gameplay and commentary from Defender on the Texas Instruments TI99/4a vintage computer. Today’s question for Q&A is from shroomologist ‘For Q&A: Since indie games, fan games and mods have been freely shared online it is arguably easier than ever to come across games/content developed by hobbyists rather than professionals. …

Metal Jesus

Video Game Hunting in LAS VEGAS! + PICKUPS! (PC, PS1, PSP, Atari & more!)

December 3, 2021 Metal Jesus

Video game hunting & sightseeing in LAS VEGAS + GAME PICKUPS (PC, PS1, PSP, Atari & more!) Patreon: Twitter: Facebook: 0:00 Flying from Seattle to Vegas 0:48 First impressions 2:14 Retro City Games store 1 6:30 Retro City Games store 2 9:29 Fremont Street 11:51 Pinball Hall …

The Retro Hour (Retro Gaming Podcast)

Dreamcast: Where It Went Wrong with Sega’s Mark Subotnick

December 3, 2021 The Retro Hour

We go behind the scenes at Sega during the troubled 1990s with former Sega of America Producer Mark Subotnick, with some never-before-told stories of the misteps that lead to them exiting the console business. Please visit our amazing sponsors and help to support the show: Bitmap Books Check out …


Shampoo for the NEC PC-88

December 2, 2021 Highretrogamelord89

Came also out for: Game description: Shampoo is a doujin arcade-y action puzzle game similar to Qix. The player controls a green crosshair and to reveal parts of a drawing involving a young woman in a lewd position. There is also a yellow ball the player has to avoid. …


Apollo Comms Part 6: We have lock!

December 2, 2021 CuriousMarc

We demonstrate a locked bidirectional link between Earth and our Apollo transponder. Apollo Comms Playlist: Links to doc: Our sponsors – PCBWay: fast turn PCBs, – Keysight: test instruments: – Samtec: connectors: Support the team on Patreon: Buy shirts on Teespring: …