Color BASIC overflow bug – same as Commodore’s?

August 17, 2023 Sub-Etha Software

I just saw a tweet from Robin @ 8-Bit Show And Tell concerning a bug in Commodore BASIC that existed in the PET, C64 and VIC-20. VAL() takes a string and converts it in to a floating point numerical variable. The value of “1E39” is …

Sub-Etha Software

PONG 1993

August 7, 2023 Sub-Etha Software

File: PONGTEST.TXT – Revision 1.1 (5/16, 5/18/93) – By Allen C. Huffman In the beginning there was… XXXX XXX X X XXXX X X X X XX X X XXXX X X X X X X XX X X X X XX X X X XXX X X XXXX ™ …