The marbles in a bag puzzle in Color BASIC – part 3

March 31, 2020 Sub-Etha Software

See also: part 1 and part 2. Today I will present Art Flexser‘s solution to this marble puzzle, as well as a corrected version of mine. First I will correct my version of the “pulling marbles out of a bag” puzzle recently presented by Steve Ostrom. I now understand the …


Retro BASICs for Windows, Mac and Linux

March 30, 2020 Sub-Etha Software

If you want to play with BASIC on a modern computer, here are two options I have found. PC-BASIC PC-BASIC from is an implementation of the old GW-BASIC that came with MS-DOS. It allows you to enter commands directly (PRINT “HELLO WORLD”) just like the old days, and also …


The marbles in a bag puzzle in Color BASIC – part 2

March 30, 2020 Sub-Etha Software

See also: part 1 Well, you can disregard my previous article. I misunderstood the process Steve Ostrom was describing. I have a follow-up planned, but wanted to share Steve’s response when I explained what I thought the process was: … the probability puzzle is a little more complex. Here is …

Apple II

Apple II Plus Clone: ABC

March 29, 2020 FinApple

This Apple II Plus clone i got in 2018 : but actually never started working, cleaning and testing on it untill now. “Made in Japan” Is printed on the motherboard but this style board can be seen used in lots of different “branded” clones and cases. I …


The marbles in a bag puzzle in Color BASIC

March 28, 2020 Sub-Etha Software

NOTE: I got the objective of the marble puzzle wrong, but I’d already written this version. I’ll post a follow-up with the actual puzzle later. Recently in the Color Computer Facebook group, Steve Ostrom wrote a BASIC program to solve a probability puzzle. He wrote: You have 15 marbles in …


How random is RND in Color BASIC?

March 27, 2020 Sub-Etha Software

Random thought of the day… Recently, Steve Ostrom posted to the Facebook CoCo group a puzzle he was trying to work out: It’s been a few years since I turned on my Coco, even though it’s still all set up. I came across an interesting probability problem a few days …

Apple II Europlus
Apple II

WOzFest COLOR=15 Update

March 25, 2020 europlus

Wow, what a month! When I announced WOzFest COLOR=15 I was looking forward to another fun get-together of fellow Apple ][ enthusiasts, and I’d already started planning to stream the day for those who couldn’t make it. Now, communities around the world are in lockdown (Australia is heading down that …


Microsoft Color BASIC easter egg.

March 20, 2020 Sub-Etha Software

Over in the Color Computer group on Facebook, there was a post by Phill Harvey-Smith discussing CoCo ROMs and the ROMs of the CoCo clones. Cathe Cita responded and provided a link to this cool article about the Microsoft BASIC ROM easter eggs: I got curious, and wrote this: 10 REM …

Sub-Etha Software

Color BASIC optimization challenge – attempts

March 19, 2020 Sub-Etha Software

See also: part 1 My original “nicer to read, slower to run” version took 25.28 seconds to run. Here are some things that can speed it up. RENUMber by 1 Renumbering the program by 1 can save program memory (since “GOTO 77” takes less space than “GOTO 1500”, and …