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Replacement Domed Apple II Keyboard Bulbs

October 23, 2021 Mike Willegal

I’m restoring a very early Apple II plus in order to sell. I believe that this particular unit is a very unusual example of an Apple II plus, as it has the second style keyboard with “domed” power light. Apple II Keyboard Domed Power Light The bulb in …

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6809 assembly – Neat trick to jump to a routine

October 18, 2021 Glen's Weblog

I was going through some more code for Rotation today and I’m starting to work on the attract screen where it shows each letter of the big ROBOTRON logo drawn form a backwards explosion. This explosion effect is drawn from … Continue reading → …

Apple II

Archive of Apple Developer Technical Publications

October 14, 2021 Jeremy Barr-Hyde

I’ve finalised the tasks of archiving a large lot of ADPA developer documentation from the 1990s as originally owned by Mike Patterson. He ‘kept everything’ including the original envelopes these papers were posted in, along with prices for membership renewal, which are also scanned. Each tomes/file represents one binder of …

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Robotron – Progress

October 9, 2021 Glen's Weblog

I started working on converting Williams classic arcade game Robotron to the CoCo 3 a few weeks ago. Have the source code is incredibly helpful. I arranged all the source code into a format that LWASM could assemble in place … Continue reading → …


String space required. No exceptions.

October 6, 2021 Sub-Etha Software

Revisiting my Color BASIC String Theory series… Here is one to ponder… CLEAR 0 can be used to reserve 0 bytes for string storage. With no string space, we obviously expect something like this to NOT work: A$=”THIS WON’T WORK WITH CLEAR 0″ Indeed, that would give us “?OS ERROR” …

Rhod's Collection Blog
Apple II

Celebrating Steve | October 5 | Apple

October 5, 2021 Rhod's collection blog

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The undocumented syntax of Extended Color BASIC

October 1, 2021 Sub-Etha Software

The other night I was experimenting with Extended Color BASIC and the “GET” and “PUT” commands. I knew that the documentation was incorrect about them, and was trying to figure out how they worked. I also wanted to do this without cheating (i.e., doing a quick web search and finding …

Apple II Europlus
Apple II

RetroChallenge 2021/10 Day 1 Report: Prep is all you need

October 1, 2021 europlus

Just spent the time after a morning work meeting prepping WOzFest HQ – mostly sorting and getting rid of rubbish. Bought some chips and some booze, even if I will have to be a martyr and consume them myself! Ready for a proper day or retro tomorrow during WOzFest RC …