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Apple II

Read my Short Story about Woz and the Apple 1

March 4, 2021 Mike Willegal

You can download this story from my new feature story web page. As well documented as the Apple 1 is, this story contains a few tidbits that haven’t been published before. Going forward, I hope to add a new story to this page every month or two. These stories are …

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2021: a space invaders odyssey

February 27, 2021 Retro Ports

 Yes, it’s been a while. A long while. It’s occurred to me recently that over the last several months I’ve been wasting an inordinate amount of time reading group posts on social media and scouring ads for retro games, and I figured I’d be much better off wasting that time …

Apple II Europlus
Apple II

QFest 18 Announcement

February 18, 2021 europlus

SteveK in Brisbane has now confirmed he’ll be able to host a QFest to coincide with WOzFest 18 – hooray! Not only that, he’s done the upgrade and got the quintessential mini-Australian-Apple ][-Fest infrastructure for use by attendees – a table tennis table! Because of timezone differences, QFest 18 will …


Last night

February 15, 2021 Dan Hevey

Some of last night’s BBSing via the Atari Mega ST and ANSIterm. …

Apple II

Old Apple ][ Replica Poster Image

February 12, 2021 Mike Willegal

I just ran across this old image that was used to make a poster for the first VCF that I had an exhibit at. Based on the date on the files, it looks like the poster was designed in 2008. Apple ][ replica poster The main thing that …