Break Into Chat

Jon Radoff’s BBS-related correspondence

December 3, 2020 Break Into Chat

Yesterday entrpreneur and tech pioneer Jon Radoff shared on Facebook a letter he found from a former player of his early internet game Legends of Future Past. I asked him if might have similar letters related to his earlier BBS door games, Space Empire Elite and Final Frontier. Today he …

Apple II

Clear injection molded lid for Apple //e

December 3, 2020 FinApple

I got one of these new clear injection molded lids for Apple //e from a friend who ordered a one with extra lids.   These were sold thru kickstarter by MacEffects, LLC With several options, just the lid, lid with the case, //e to GS “Stealth” conversion and …


Color BASIC “DATA” quirk.

December 2, 2020 Sub-Etha Software

I was in the middle of writing more on my CoCo Base-64 encoding series and stumbled upon some weirdness with the DATA command. Consider this silly program: 0 REM baddata.bas 10 READ A$:IF A$=”” THEN END 15 PRINT A$;:GOTO 10 20 DATA “:” 30 DATA HELLO 40 DATA “” This …


Compressing BASIC DATA with Base-64 – part 3

November 30, 2020 Sub-Etha Software

See also: part 1 and part 2. A Faster Base-64 I had planned to end this series with this third part, giving a simple way to turn 8-bit value DATA statements into Base-64 DATA statements. But smarter folks than I have looked at my previous work, so now my plans …

Apple II

Cursor /// for Apple ///:

November 29, 2020 FinApple

So you have all the power of /// but you can’t play the games like Choplifter or any, Apple II games with it using the regular Apple II joystick that you already might have. The /// just doesn’t support your Apple II joysticks or paddles. I wonder why they …

No Picture

Joust on a CoCo 3?

November 22, 2020 Glen's Weblog

Hi All, I’ve been working on porting the arcade game Joust to the CoCo 3. I wasn’t going to discuss it until I actually got it working as I don’t want the project to end up like my Defender port. … Continue reading → …


Compressing BASIC DATA with Base-64 – part 2

November 18, 2020 Sub-Etha Software

See also: part 1 Today we will explore writing a standard base-64 converter in BASIC, and then see if we can make a smaller and faster (and nonstandard) Color-BASIC-specific one. When we last left off, we were looking at ways to get as much encoded data on to a DATA …