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Podcast Episode #49 – Neohabitat with Steve Salevan

July 15, 2018 Scene World

Habitat was one of the precursors of the modern MMORPG: in the 1980s and 1990s, it was an immersive graphical world populated by C64 users in real-time, through the Quantumlink network. AJ and Joerg talk to developer Steve Salevan about the challenges in resurrecting Habitat and why this unique chapter …


Nafcom being interviewed by Paula Yesakova by

July 15, 2018 C64.TV

Scene World writes on their facebook:

“In order to prepare for an article about the C64, Paula Yesakova of 4pda contacted our staff member Joerg Droege over Scene World Magazine back in August 2017 to talk about my experience with the C64, the demoscene, my childhood connection to it. She