BoinkSave Screensaver

May 25, 2018 AtariCrypt

Here’s an interesting piece of software which I found on Atari ST User’s August 1992 cover disk. It’s a screensaver by Damien M. Jones which works really well and can even be configured to use different graphics along with altering the screen’s timeout. I love finding programs like this and …


Episode 58 – live on YouTube and CoCo TV on Roku!

May 25, 2018 CoCoTALK!

Welcome back! This week is episode 58 of CoCoTALK! Today we make history, we’ll be simulcasting our live show not only here to YouTube, but starting @ 3PM EST you can also catch the show in progress on the CoCo TV channel on Roku! Starting next week, CoCoTALK! will be