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Apple II

cyanIIde Web-Based Apple IIe Emulator

July 27, 2021 Paleotronic Magazine

cyanIIde is a subset of our microM8 Apple II emulator meant to run on lower-power systems such as the Raspberry Pi and in the browser. This page contains an early release of the WebAssembly version. [more…] The post cyanIIde Web-Based Apple IIe Emulator appeared first on Paleotronic Magazine. …

Benj Edwards

HP 95LX Games From CompuServe in the 1990s

July 27, 2021 Benj Edwards

In the mid-1990s, my dad gave me a Hewlett Packard HP 95LX he bought from a friend and never used. The HP 95LX (1991) is a really cool handheld PC that runs DOS from ROM. While looking for 95LX software around 1997 (according to the file dates, although it’s very …

Big Mess o' Wires
Apple II

Disk Drive Testing

July 26, 2021 Big Mess o' Wires

While I await the new Yellowstone v2.1 PCBs, I’ve been spending more time on testing. With my hacked-up v2.0 PCB, most things are working pretty well, especially with DOS3.3, ProDOS, or game disks. I can connect any odd combination of drives to the Yellowstone card, and expect that it will …


RMC Episode 579: Meet the Macintosh Librarian

July 26, 2021 retromaccast

James and John discuss eBay Finds: Apple sign, SE/30, and Apple rug. They chat with Ms. Fox about her YouTube show, Macintosh Librarian, and news includes iDOS 2 and a large Apple collection. Join our Facebook page, watch us on YouTube, and visit us at RetroMacCast. …