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Lock n Chase by M Network

September 27, 2020 2600 Game by Game

Hi there, thanks once again for your patience (I thought I was done saying that, apparently I have more work to do). This week I am covering Lock ‘n’ Chase by M Network, which is a Pac-Man wannabe that doesn’t quite get there for me. The prototype for Xevious by …


RMC Episode 543: Flower Power Power Tower

September 27, 2020 retromaccast

James and John discuss eBay finds: Macintosh Portable prototype, interesting serial Mac HD, and Apple/Braun calculator. They recap the Apple Event, and news Newton, found Jobs audio, curved monitor G4 iMac, and more great NanoRaptor designs. To see all of the show notes and …

Paleotronic Magazine
Apple II

microM8 Apple II Emulator Cracks 10,000 Downloads!

September 27, 2020 Paleotronic Magazine

When we started working on microM8 just four years ago, it began as a simple project to make an Applesoft BASIC interpreter. We didn’t have any idea that our little project would eventually become a [more…] The post microM8 Apple II Emulator Cracks 10,000 Downloads! appeared first on Paleotronic Magazine. …

XEGS Cart by Cart Podcast

Review Episode 14

September 27, 2020 XEGS Cart by Cart Podcast

In Episode 14, we serve up a bit of surf and turf. First we put everything at “steak” by entering the BattleZone. Then find out if the submarine simulator GATO is a fresh catch? News #FujiNet: Atari 8-bit Network Adapter …


ANTIC Episode 71 – Goodbye, Curt Vendel

September 26, 2020 ANTIC

ANTIC Episode 71 – Goodbye, Curt Vendel In this episode of ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Computer Podcast…we say goodbye to good friend and Atari legend Curt Vendel and bring you lots of other Atari news. READY! Recurring Links  Floppy Days Podcast  AtariArchives.org  AtariMagazines.com  Kevin’s Book “Terrible Nerd”  New Atari books …