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Apple II

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January 22, 2020 6502 Workshop

We invite you to join our Discord server!Check out the sneak preview screenshots of our new castle we posted in the Ye Olde Pub channel!Mark Lemmert & the 6502 Workshop TeamWebsite – http://www.6502workshop.comForums – http://forums.noxarchaist.comTwitter – @6502WorkshopFacebook – http://facebook.noxarchaist.comKickstarter – http://kickstarter.noxarchaist.comDiscord – https://discord.gg/kwcFxVp …

Apple II

Booti – card with Apple ///

January 22, 2020 FinApple

Booti – card by David Mutimer is nice small card (or two parted card) for Apple II. It is smartport/blockdevice card meaning you are able to use it as (ProDOS) HDD. It’s NOT a floppy emulator. The support for Apple /// is based on Problock v0.0.4 beta by Robert …