Apple II

The Demon Razor that Wouldn’t Turn Off

December 12, 2018 Big Mess o' Wires

What do you do when a battery-powered appliance won’t turn off? And when it’s a sealed unit, so removing the batteries is impossible? And when its body starts to grow disturbingly warm? That’s the situation I found myself in a few days ago.

Riddles in the Dark

I was

Apple II

New Apple II Low Res game: Blockchain

December 12, 2018 Reddit

Block dropping game in the vein of Tetris meets 2048.

Game starts in self-playing “attract mode”. Press SPACE to start your game. R to reset/restart. ESC to quit.

Press J and L to move the dropping blocks left and right. K will drop the


Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny

December 11, 2018 AtariCrypt

Atari Legend is having a fantastic run-up to Christmas by releasing something special every day throughout December. It wasn’t until the 7th when they released a hdd-patched version of Ultima 5 did I become interested. For some reason, I’ve not played any Ultima but this one looks especially interesting so …