Criminals In Disguise #22

June 26, 2017 AtariCrypt

I love anything with swirling dots, sine scrollers and overscan so this intro by Criminals In Disguise is right up my street. The fx are very nice with beautiful hum-tastic chipmusic that I can leave playing all day! The video recording is fine but (you know what I’m going to …

Apple II

Special offers for KansasFest 2017

June 25, 2017 KansasFest

KansasFest is a great opportunity to meet some of the vendors who support our community.  You’re able to ask questions, get help, and sometimes get special deals.  Here are some of the KansasFest-only special offers:

Chris Torrence will have copies of Roger Wagner’s Assembly Lines: The Complete Book for the special price …


Sinister Developments

June 25, 2017 AtariCrypt

I recently found the Sinister Developments website and was surprised they still listed all their old Atari ST software. These guys were one of the best shareware groups in the early-mid 90 who developed five fantastic games that put many commercial companies to shame. However, none of …


Archer Maclean Pool

June 24, 2017 AtariCrypt

Jimmy White’s Whirlwind Snooker is terrific and technically superb but it wasn’t long before I was falling asleep at the keyboard. Sorry, but that’s snooker (Zzzz). However, I then realised that I had never played Archer Maclean’s Pool…

Pool is an exciting, fast-paced pub game with a far shorter playtime compared …

Apple II

Apple IIgs PSU Mystery Capacitors

June 24, 2017 Reddit

I was gifted an Apple IIgs, and was told that it made a “burny smell” when started up, so I pulled it it apart to discover a seemingly good logic board but a very sad couple of burst capacitors.

I’d like to simply replace them, but one of