Rolling Ronny

June 18, 2018 AtariCrypt

Rolling Ronny is a scrolling platformer set in the quiet town of Fieldington, a place which recently suffered the theft of their crown jewels. Fortunately, this gang of bumbling thieves were disturbed so hid each jewel inside glittering boxes and scattered them throughout the town before fleeing. Why? I don’t …

New Game Plus

Episode 137: Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers

June 18, 2018 New Game Plus

The chipmunk detectives take on cases too small for the police to handle in Episode 137: Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers.Intro and outro music by Kubbi at NPG on Twitter: Like NGP on Facebook: Support NGP on Patreon: Chat with the NGP family on Discord: …


Flight Of The Intruder

June 17, 2018 AtariCrypt

Check out my latest purchase: Flight Of The Intruder. The huge box has a minimalistic yet sleek artwork style so it’s going straight into our Box Art section. I have always admired this game but somehow I oddly never got the play it back in the day… Well, finally, I …