Apple II

Registration opens for 2019

March 31, 2019 KansasFest

KansasFest 2019, the 31st annual Apple II convention, is open for registration. Users, programmers, hobbyists, and retrocomputing enthusiasts are invited to Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, from Tuesday, July 16, through Sunday, July 21, for six days and five nights of sessions, demos, announcements, contests, and camaraderie.

Mark Pelczarski


Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest 2019 wrap-up

We had a great time last weekend!  Congratulations to our award winners!

Max Tonnage Award, Josh Dersch, 40 Years of the Three Rivers PERQ Workstation Youngest Exhibitor, George Amores, Commodore 64 vs. Commodore Plus 4 Most Interactive, Joerg Hoppe, BlinkenBone, Program a PDP-11/70 over reanimated front panel Best Display, John

Apple II

Mark Pelczarski to keynote KansasFest 2019

March 8, 2019 KansasFest

Mark Pelczarski – 1983

KansasFest 2019, the 31st annual Apple II convention, is scheduled for July 16 – 21 in Kansas City, Missouri. Mark Pelczarski of Penguin Software, well-known for numerous graphics utilities, books, and games, will join us with a keynote presentation to celebrate the Apple II.