ANTIC Episode 44 – Hackin’ The Atari

July 24, 2017 ANTIC

In this episode of ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Computer Podcast: Kevin hacks the heck out of the Atari 8-bits, we’re back on the interview bandwagon, Josh Renaud tells us about ATASCII animations, and Nir Dary gives us the scoop on the Outline Demo Party.


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Floppy Days Podcast


Wowy by Tomchi

July 22, 2017 AtariCrypt

I have just listened to this amazing tune called Wowy, by Tomchi (played using JAM) and simply had to record it.
Kick off your weekend in style and Download this gorgeous chiptune right now for your Atari STe!! 🎧 …



July 21, 2017 AtariCrypt

Being the Grand Wizard’s novice magician, we are eager to learn the ropes but quick to make silly mistakes, like losing his precious scrolls and phials! Now we must travel parallel worlds and retrieve as many as possible, so have your trusty magic wand at the ready because this is …


Things Not To Do

July 18, 2017 AtariCrypt

Electronic Images released one of the most hilarious Atari ST demos I have ever seen. I did try and record a video but my emulator missed some graphics and also the sine scroller (which is beautiful) was jerking like it had a nervous twitch. So I burned the image to …


Sabre Team

July 17, 2017 AtariCrypt

I couldn’t wait to add another into our new PixelArt group and today I have picked what I personally think is a corker. Sabre Team has such an awesome title screen that depicts a sinister SAS soldier emerging out of the darkness – ready to assassinate. I love its post-apocalyptic/Who …



July 16, 2017 AtariCrypt

I love Menace, it’s a great shoot ’em up and one of the few Psygnosis games I like. But what’s up with that YELLOW ship which I (we?) have always hated? Well, I began to wonder if it was possible to change it back into white… So I contacted Atari …


Reanimators #6

July 14, 2017 AtariCrypt

I think it’s time for another Menu CD and here we have a good one by The Reanimators which features a few simple effects with a superb chiptune (hmm, where have I heard that before?). You know me, I love a sine scroller and this one is a belter in …


wave upon wave

July 12, 2017 AtariCrypt

There are so many amazing artists out there and I’ve always had a soft spot for the guys that make up the incredible YM Rockerz. So here is the wonderful compilation called “wave upon wave” which they released 17 years ago and features several tracks by their awesome musicians: 505, …