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Presentation At KansasFest

August 12, 2019 6502 Workshop

If you like to talk tech, you might enjoy the YouTube replay of our presentation last month at KansasFest 2019.

I demonstrated techniques for solving intermittent bugs in 6502 assembly programs with the MicroM8 emulator’s time travel feature. An intermitted bug in the Nox Archaist game engine (now solved) was used …

Apple II

Apple IIgs Enhanced Version

July 20, 2019 6502 Workshop

We are pleased to announce that 6502 Workshop now has plans to produce an Apple IIgs enhanced version of Nox Archaist!

While the 8-bit version of Nox Archaist currently in development will run on an Apple IIgs, the enhanced version we’ve added to our product road map will take advantage of the …

Apple II

Session at KansasFest LiveStream URL

July 18, 2019 6502 Workshop



The Nox Archaist session is scheduled for On Friday 9:15am – 10am U.S. Central time. To watch this and other sessions click here for the Livestream.

A recording will also be available …

Apple II

Nox Archaist at KansasFest 2019!

July 11, 2019 6502 Workshop

The largest Apple II convention in the world, KansasFest 2019, begins next week. Mark Lemmert, Peter Ferrie and Chris Torrence of the 6502 Workshop team will be attending. We …

Apple II

Matt Chat Replay

July 7, 2019 6502 Workshop

If you missed the July 3rd Nox Archaist livestream on Matt Chat, you are in luck! A replay has been posted. 

Click here for Direct Link to Matt Chat replay. 


While playing Nox Archaist, Matt Barton found the infamous “Rat Barrier”, which in the past was presented as a cow barrier. Mark Lemmert showed off …

Apple II

Matt Chat Livestream Reminder: This Wednesday!

July 1, 2019 6502 Workshop

Just a reminder, the Nox Archaist livestream on Matt Chat is on July 3rd at 3pm US Central Time. We invite you to join us!

Whats New:Animation upgradeMore musicMore content

Mark & the 6502 Workshop Team

Website – http://www.6502workshop.com
Forums – http://forums.noxarchaist.com
Twitter – @6502Workshop
Facebook – http://facebook.noxarchaist.com …

Apple II

Let’s party like it’s 1989!

May 31, 2019 6502 Workshop

Hooray!With your help, we made it! Over $42,000 raised on Kickstarter and 566 backers for an Apple II CRPG with a boxed set! Together, we were able to surpass all of our stretch goals, including the gold-foil disk labels, Denis Loubet artwork, and the quick combat option.

Thanks once again for …