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Official Nox Archaist Book of Hints

May 1, 2021 6502 Workshop

  We are excited to announce the official Nox Archaist Book of Hints is now available for preorder, expected to ship late May! Click HERE to reserve your copy of the printed coil-bound edition + e-book! At over 175 pages the Book of …

6502 Workshop's Nox Archaist
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All day Nox Archaist live stream

March 21, 2021 6502 Workshop

An all day live stream of Nox Archaist is coming soon! On Thursday March 25 the veteran CRPG players of the Lost Sectors will celebrate their 1000 subscriber milestone with this all day stream.   A link will be available on their channel page the day of the stream, click …

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Nox Archaist Launches on Steam and GOG!

January 22, 2021 6502 Workshop

STEAM & GOG LAUNCH We are pleased to announce that Nox Archaist will launch on both Steam and GOG on January 28th! Add us to your wishlist to get an alert! NOX ARCHAIST VOTED IN TOP 10 Members of the RPG CODEX voted Nox Archaist as …

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Release News, Shipping Update, Steam and more!

January 10, 2021 6502 Workshop

 It’s been quite a ride since game release on December 12. Including the Kickstarter and Preorders, we’ve sold over 1200 copies of Nox Archaist, which must count as some sort of record for a 40-year old computer platform. We’ve seen tweets by Steve Wozniak, Richard Garriott, Robert Woodhead, Burger Becky, …

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Nox Archaist Live Steams (Full Playthrough)

January 5, 2021 6502 Workshop

Starting on Thursday January 7th at 9pm-ish US Central time (GMT -6), The Lost Sectors will begin live streaming Nox Archaist. They will continue streaming every other Thursday until they win the game.  The Lost Sectors folks are veterans CRPG players. Last year they did live stream of …

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Nox Archaist Matt Chat replay

December 24, 2020 6502 Workshop

If you missed the Nox Archaist livestream on Matt Chat, here is the replay. Check out Matt Barton killing rats and talking to his NPC in the game.  Replay Link …

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Matt Chat live streams Nox Archaist – Dec 21

December 21, 2020 6502 Workshop

TODAY! In just a few hours Matt Chat is doing a live stream of Nox Archaist, with lead developer Mark Lemmert. Join us at:  1pm U.S. Central time (GMT -6) (Monday, December 21) …

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Nox Archaist Interviews

December 20, 2020 6502 Workshop

Recently several podcasts have interviewed lead developer Mark Lemmert to talk about the challenges of development and the recent release of Nox Archaist. There is some overlap between the interviews and there is also some different material covered in each. A few highlights are noted below. SPAM SPAM SPAM HUMBUG …