Vulcan with 7 cards
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Mid-Life Crisis Solved

October 28, 2017 Eric Rangell

Hello all, it’s been a while since I posted a blog – retrocomputing is a hobby that fills in the gaps when life lets you enjoy it, and I’d rather blog when I have something new to show off or a new idea that may be half baked but

Vulcan with 7 cards
Apple II

Retro computing projects for educators

August 6, 2017 Eric Rangell

I am starting this post after realizing that there is interest in retro computing technology among educators who want easier ways to introduce students to abstract concepts.  My hope is to assist in development of lesson plans that scaffold from simple projects on retro/vintage hardware and software that can run

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What’s in YOUR basement?

July 20, 2017 Eric Rangell

Tonight’s livestream of the RetroConnector mini solderfest inspired me to look at some old project ideas I had in my 20s for interfacing my Apple //e Game I/O connector for the purpose of controlling MIDI.  It also inspired me to find $100 for a future order of 2 products they

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New toy arrived: Floppy EMU

July 15, 2017 Eric Rangell

Thank you Steve Chamberlin for creating this cool little gadget. It arrived promptly via USPS Priority Mail in a small flat rate box. I just tested it out and got it to load 140K and 800K floppy images on my //c+ after playing around with several configurations. I had

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Content migrated from previous website

July 12, 2017 Eric Rangell

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4 KansasFest – from Eric Rangell

17 Jun 2017
Hello all KansasFest brothers and sisters. I just found out about y’all in June 2017 when I plugged in an Apple 2c+ and needed to find out how to boot it to 1MHz. Google

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Arduino Midi Format 0 Player

July 8, 2017 Eric Rangell

Here are photos of a Midi File Format 0 player I built on an Arduino SD shield.  I will walk through the construction and programming of it in future posts, if people express interest.

MIDI can potentially be used as a solution for serial data transfer between an Apple