Apple II

Multitech: Micro-Professor III

December 10, 2020 FinApple

I got this interesting Apple //e (64k) clone from a friend in Norway recently. When he got this at first time it was unopened and not used, all new. So it’s almost in new condition, used maybe 2-3 hours max. It came with seemingly as the day it came from the factory …

Apple II

Clear injection molded lid for Apple //e

December 3, 2020 FinApple

I got one of these new clear injection molded lids for Apple //e from a friend who ordered a one with extra lids.   These were sold thru kickstarter by MacEffects, LLC With several options, just the lid, lid with the case, //e to GS “Stealth” conversion and …

Apple II

Cursor /// for Apple ///:

November 29, 2020 FinApple

So you have all the power of /// but you can’t play the games like Choplifter or any, Apple II games with it using the regular Apple II joystick that you already might have. The /// just doesn’t support your Apple II joysticks or paddles. I wonder why they …

Apple II

Saturn 128k Reboot!

November 15, 2020 FinApple

Saturn 128k Reboot was designed and manufactured by David Mutimer from Australia. He have designed and built lots of cards for the Apple II over the few last years like the following: -Saturn 128k reboot-ROM-card-MultiROM-RTC 2019 (Real Time Clock) -quikLoad-Wildcard -Lego-card-Booti-card Some of these are available from David directly in PCB form only. …

Apple II

Corvus hardisk file transfer:

November 14, 2020 FinApple

I got this super interesting 20MB hardrive made by CORVUS earlier this year among other Apple II and /// hardware. These things were really expensive and reasonably rare specially over here in the Nordic region. What was nice that it was 50/60HZ 120V/240V so no need for power …

Apple II

Apple ProFile repairs:

November 13, 2020 FinApple

Just some thoghts about few Apple Profile hardisks i had repaired recently. Basicly all of them needed new safety capasitors (aka “Rifa’s”) on their power supplies, some cleaning and even trying to repair and gluing the broken case back together. Drive #1 (from Spain) This one i’ve had for some …

Apple II

vTech Laser 128 expansion slot card:

November 1, 2020 FinApple

There were some interesting periphals for the vTech Laser 128 series including the external expansion box. It was externally powered, external box that held two slots inside for Apple II compatible expansion cards.  Original expanion box (picture by Javier Rivera (c)). Original expansion box inside (picture by Javier Rivera …

Apple II

Apple ][ mouse modification:

October 12, 2020 FinApple

Marko Laaksonen, 18/09/2020 This is Apple M0100 mouse modification from 1992. My friend Paul was studying at the Helsinki University of Technology during the early nineties. The University had had Apple Macintoshes and replaced their equipment base with PC:s. Some members of the ICT helpdesk / -staff had tried …