Apple II

APMSX-card: MSX for Apple II – Part 1

November 4, 2019 FinApple

APMSX-card is “Turbo Speed” MSX-computer-in-a-card solution for Apple //e enhanced (ntsc) and Apple IIGS. It doesn’t work in Apple II, II+, //c (no slots.. sorry Javier). It is deloped by Ian Kim of out of South Korea, who is prominent Apple II hardware developer who have made many other …

Apple II

Applied Engineering: Z-RAM II for Apple //c

October 25, 2019 FinApple

Bought one Apple //c few years ago with Z-RAM II-card installed but i could not get it working. It had broken pins and some were replaced with wiring. It could not get it running so i sent to to Henry Courbis at for repairs. He did splendid job

Apple II

SNES/ATARI – joystick / contoller adapter for Apple II

October 25, 2019 FinApple

This adapter i got from ByteBoosters who recently made this SNES/Atari joystick adapter for Apple II. It basicly works in any Apple II model, but with II and II+ you need 16pin to D9-adapter cable.

TAC-2 (Commodore/Atari) and SNES game pad.

This revision/firmware 05 works with Atari/Commodore and SNES

Apple II

Let there be S-O-U-N-D! – Mockingboard 4c for Apple //c

October 17, 2019 FinApple

Mockingboard 4c is Apple II mockingboard version specially made for Apple //c. There were Mockingboard D for the Apple //c made back in the day, and it was placed in external enclouse. It however wasn’t 100% compatible with the other Mockinboard-supported software or games. The same goes for the Mockingboard

Apple II

Apple //c (4100) variations

October 9, 2019 FinApple

Thank’s to Mr. Retr0bight AKA “Apple //c whisper” – Javier Rivera helping me to get the American version of the 4100 and Jean-François Walter for the European (French) 4100 version.

This model has been missing for ages as i don’t think it was sold in the Nordics area (?)

Apple II

Some Apple //e’s that came from trade-in

October 8, 2019 FinApple

Like i’d need more of Apple II’s?

Made an trade with some Commodore stuff that i didn’t need to some “project condition” Apple //e’s. Still kind of need those parts for the “Stealth GS” (Apple //e->IIGS) modification i have planned, so these come in handy.. so i’ll use one of

Apple II

Apple /// – The ReActiveMicro Drive/Turbo IDE Controller

August 23, 2019 FinApple

“We offer the ReActiveMicro Drive/Turbo IDE Controller in several configurations. It can come fully setup “Plug And Play” ready with a presetup 512MB CF Card and Dual CF Card Adapter. Just install the card in your Apple //e enhanced and boot to ProDOS or GS/OS. Or you can buy the card with or