Apple II

My Nordic Apple ///: Part II

June 17, 2020 FinApple

The previous repairs ended when the power supply started to no longer provide enough current to boot the unit so i ordered the Univeral Power Supply from as i’ve done earlier as well. That’s the best you can get for your money. It’s designed for all Apple II …

Apple II

Bebek Electronic catalog 1-3/1984

April 1, 2020 FinApple

I found these Bebek Electronics catalogs from online auction site for few euro’s so i naturally just had to get them. I saw there were few ad’s about BOSS-1 clone that i have, so i was super excited to obtain any additional information about the model and it’s history. …

Apple II

Apple II Plus Clone: ABC

March 29, 2020 FinApple

This Apple II Plus clone i got in 2018 : but actually never started working, cleaning and testing on it untill now. “Made in Japan” Is printed on the motherboard but this style board can be seen used in lots of different “branded” clones and cases. I …