Apple II

The Robot Book, Richard Pawson

April 17, 2018 Jeremy Barr-Hyde

ISBN: 0863990665

Enjoy this unique, creative and historical book about Robots and home computers. It is highly relevant to the Apple II and wider vintage computing community and robot enthusiasts.  This was a difficult scan and the source was ‘well loved’ shall we say.  However content is king and you’ll

Apple II

Rampage, Activision (4am crack and new scans) Apple II game

February 1, 2018 Jeremy Barr-Hyde

Bally Midway’s “monster arcade hit” was ported to the 128k Apple II by Monarch Software and was published by Activision.  Presented here for the first time are box art and disk label scans.  I have compiled my manual scans with another on and bundled the 4am crack of the