Last Chance to Order Hunter’s Moon Remastered

January 11, 2022 PROTOVISION

Good News! The physical cartridge of Hunter’s Moon is currently discounted. Bad News… you only have a few weeks left to order your physical C64 cart of Hunter’s Moon Remastered before they are gone from our Online Shop for good (until February 11!) Don’t miss out, order your copy now! …


Lots of great items restocked!

January 10, 2022 PROTOVISION

What better way to start the new year but to grab yourself a whole lot of goodies for your C64 machine: We have restocked a number of items in the Protovision Shop including: SuperKernal, cynthCART64, Mini X-Pander+ , TFC3+, LumaFix 128, MIDI-cables and the IEEE-488 interface.   …


New in our shop: Space Collection Cartridge

January 6, 2022 PROTOVISION

We have in stock a limited number of the Space Collection cartridge. This exclusive cart contains enhanced versions of four space themed games – Babylon’s Ark, Flying Saucers, Space Firehawk and Space Planters. The cartridge itself is very beautifully designed. Order your copy now before they are sold out! …


Monster Catcher with LED cartridge Now Available

January 6, 2022 PROTOVISION

Monte Boyd’s Monster Catcher is now available from our Online Shop in a slick c64 cartridge edition. Not only does this package come with nice goodies but the cart contains a LED that lights up when you shoot at enemies. …


VICE 3.6 released

December 28, 2021 PROTOVISION

VICE, the leading emulator for commodore 8-bit machines, has been updated to version 3.6. The latest release includes emulation support for several special joystick devices – including our Protopad and the MultiJoy joystick adapter. Download the latest version of VICE from …


Enjoy 4 Player games on THEC64

December 27, 2021 PROTOVISION

The latest firmware upgrade to TheC64 (full size and mini) includes support for up to four joysticks! This makes it the perfect time to check out some four player games such as Bomb Mania and Tanks 3000. These titles can be purchased as a download from our Online Shop. …


Sam’s Journey Season Special

December 26, 2021 PROTOVISION

To celebrate Christmas and its 4th birthday, The Knights of Bytes have released a special edition of Sam’s Journey for true fans of the game. Sam’s Journey Season Special Edition is a new single level of the game with a very high difficulty setting. To complete it you need …


Soul Force wins RGN C64 Gamers‘ Choice Award

December 21, 2021 PROTOVISION

A panel of 21 C64 gaming enthusiasts have collectively come together to vote for the RGN C64 Gamers‘ Choice Award. We are pleased to announce that Soul Force was ranked first in this prestigious poll! If you have not yet played what is one of the all time best shooters …


Cyber City Deluxe Featuring Protovision!

December 19, 2021 PROTOVISION

Cyber City Deluxe by Husaria Games is a fun retro inspired platform game for Windows PC systems that we recommend you check out. Within the game’s great city scape environment you will find billboards promoting Protovision and some of our games. We would like to thank Husaria games for supporting …


PC Games reports about modern C64 games [German]

December 7, 2021 PROTOVISION

The main stream PC gaming magazine PC Games has released an online article and an accompanying video on modern day C64 gaming, in which Protovision features prominently. Check out the article here, and the video can be viewed from this link. …