Introducing the RGCD Megatape

June 7, 2019 rgcd

I’ve been looking at getting some RGCD branded USB sticks made up for a few years now, but could never settle on a style that I was happy with. I figured it would be a nice extra to add with our physical cartridge games so that they can be played …


RTFM(!) – The Evolution of RGCD’s Instruction Booklets

June 4, 2019 rgcd

Here at RGCD we’re currently knee-deep in near-completed projects, and one of the biggest milestones in getting a game published is of course the print material finally coming together. With that in mind, I thought it was time to introduce Chris Mantil – one of our unsung heroes. But first, …


Grid Pix (Commodore 64)

May 17, 2019 rgcd

Nonogram puzzle games on the Commodore 64 are like buses, huh? You wait 30 years for one, then two arrive at once! Hot on the heels of Carl-Henrik’s ‘Nono Pixie‘ (released as an entry in our 16KB game development compo), follows our own commercial release of Carleton Handley’s ‘Grid Pix’, …


Retaliate DX (Commodore 64)

May 16, 2019 rgcd

Way back in early 2018 I came across a preview of Marcelo Cabral’s Retaliate on CSDB – a simple looking shmup that on first glance appeared to be no more than a generic Space Invaders or Galaga clone. However, upon closer examination my interest was piqued – the production notes …


Get ‘Em DX Available (Again) on Cartridge!

April 26, 2019 rgcd

A couple of months ago, RGCD were fortunate to be involved in a local gaming festival here in our home city of Exeter (GAME>PLAY hosted by Tech Exeter). We had a bunch of our games on rotation through the day, yet surprisingly the most popular one by far was Get