ANTIC Interview 278 – Bill Bowman, CEO of Spinnaker Software

Bill Bowman, CEO of Spinnaker Software
Bill Bowman was co-founder and CEO of Spinnaker Software, one of the first software companies that focused exclusively on educational software. He was at the company from its founding in 1982 through 1987. Spinnaker’s software line-up included Snooper Troops, Delta Drawing, FaceMaker, Adventure Creator, In Search of the Most Amazing Thing, KinderComp, and many other titles. In early 1984 InfoWorld called Spinnaker the 16th largest software company in the world, with $10 million in 1983 sales.
This interview took place on May 16, 2017.
“All of a sudden, one Friday at 6:30, she came through the door with beer and soda pop and lots of snacks, and six children … Of course it shut down the office completely.”

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